Why Is CoQ10 Good For You?

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In this article, we answer the question “Is COQ10 good for you?” With so many supplements to chose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are truly beneficial.

However, this is one of the safe supplements you should seriously consider taking. It has many benefits that can truly improve your health.


CoQ10 Is Good For You and Your Circulation

A double blind study showed that COQ10 supplements did significantly lower blood pressure in people compared to those taking a placebo. This supplement can also help with other circulatory problems such as heart failure and heart disease.

It can lower the risk of future heart problems, especially when combined with other treatments. The Mayo Clinic gave COQ10 supplements a rating of “B.” This means there’s solid evidence that it’s helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure and other circulation issues.


CoQ10 Helps To Prevent The Diseases of Aging

drawing of man blocking free radicalsPreliminary studies are finding that supplements may help slow the progression of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. People who take the supplement often report feeling more focused, with mental fatigue lessening greatly.

If you are finding that you are having a hard time staying focused, you might be deficient in this important nutrient.

Because it’s a powerful and natural antioxidant, it might help in preventing cancer. Free radicals are troublemakers that can mutate cells, leading to cancer and other ailments.

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, rendering them harmless. This is why consuming antioxidants is so beneficial to your health.

There are many other diseases and conditions that COQ10 can help prevent or even cure:


What is a Safe Dosage of CoQ10?

woman with fish oil capsuleSince this is a natural supplement, it’s not regulated by the FDA. There is no established recommended dosage amount. Studies looking at this supplement have used a range of dosages, from 50 mg to 1,200 mg in adults.

It’s best to read the label on your specific supplement. Companies may adjust their dosages or use more potent formulas, so pay attention to the suggested use and dosage information on your supplement.

If you are still concerned, talk to a doctor or certified nutritionist for advice.


Adding COQ10 to your Diet is a Healthy Decision

CoQ10 supplements are good for you and since your body makes it naturally, it’s safe to take. As you get older, your body has a hard time making it. It plays a major role in creating energy in your body. This may be why we slow down in our old age. A deficiency can cause an energy crash.

If you’re interested in improving your overall energy, muscle, and heart health, as well as increasing your antioxidants, these products are the ones for you.



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