Which Supplements For Heart Health Should I Take?

doctor holding fish oil capsules

Protection against Congestive Heart Failure

Many doctors are now prescribing supplements for Heart Health. Especially for those patients at risk for congestive heart failure. The catch is that doctors are not convinced that this is all the protection patients need for their heart.

They are recommending CoQ10 and Fish Oil in addition to other medications and lifestyle changes that have been proven to reduce the risk of congestive heart failure.

Those who fear they are in danger of congestive heart failure should take a high quality supplement in addition to making lifestyle changes that will lower those risks. Of course, you should talk to your doctor about all the options available.

Until substantially more research is conducted to prove that it can prevent congestive heart failure, it shouldn’t be used as the primary source of protection.


Prevention of Heart Problems after a Heart Attack

Surviving a heart attack is a definite wake-up call, but patients are not free of risk until they have gone at least a year without any further problems with their heart. Research has shown that the use of Coenzyme Q10 supplements for heart protection in the year immediately following a heart attack is very beneficial to recovery.

The known benefits come only to those who start taking a very high quality supplement within a couple days of their heart attack and who continue taking the supplement for at least one year consistently. The risks of another heart attack are lowered in many cases.


Protecting Blood Vessels during Bypass Surgery

patient with heart problemsThere is always a risk of damaging the blood vessels during bypass surgery, but the use of CoQ10 supplements prior to the surgery is proving to limit those risks. More medical professionals are getting on board with the use of CoQ10 for bypass patients.

Studies have been done to examine the effectiveness of supplementation for Bypass surgery patients. In one study, CoQ10 was given to patients just before coronary artery bypass surgery. Their surgical results were compared to control subjects who didn’t receive CoQ10. The CoQ10-treated patients had higher heart performance and lower requirements for cardiac drugs that help to support heart function while coming off heart-lung bypass.



woman holding coq10 supplementThe use of this nutrient for heart health is an unfolding scientific adventure that many are watching with great interest. There are some uses for the supplement that have been proven already, and there is wide medical confidence in the uses for heart protection. The research continues into the use of the supplement for a variety of medical conditions from heart disease to Huntington’s disease.

There is enough evidence at this point for most people to use it for heart health purposes. Those already experiencing heart problems should discuss the supplement with a medical professional but many others are clear to use it on their own suggestion.

The heart muscle is the most responsive tissue in the body to CoQ10 supplementation, making it a nutrient with great promise for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. – Stephen T. Sinatra M.D. F.A.C.C.


Protect Your Heart For The Rest of Your Life

Supplements for heart health are the perfect answer to boosting your CoQ10 levels for healthy heart function. It comes in different forms and many doctors are now recommending Ubiquinol. It’s readily absorbed into your body for maximum effect.

It’s becoming very popular within mainstream medicine. Doctors are realizing that energy levels are crucial to everyone’s good health and our energy levels decline as we get older.




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