Is The Omega 3 Fish Oil You’re Taking Pure Enough?

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Omega 3 fish oil has many well-studied and documented benefits. This is a supplement that can improve your quality of life but taking a fish oil supplement full of heavy metals is dangerous to your health.

Discover the benefits to determine if you can experience a healthier life with the addition of a safe-high quality supplement. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:


Controls High Blood Pressure

You can get omega-3 fatty acids from dietary sources, such as from cold water fish, vegetable oils or certain nuts. In the form of supplements, these fatty acids have been studied and shown to improve certain ailments. People who take them also report feeling more mentally alert and less depressed.

Multiple studies have shown that omega-3 supplements can actually lower blood pressure. However, to obtain these results people do need to take high doses, which can increase the risk of bleeding. If you are looking to take these supplements to lower blood pressure, consult a doctor.


Controlling Cholesterol and Preventing Heart Attacks

There are other cardiovascular benefits associated with omega-3 supplements. Human trials also found that the omega-3 oils from either fish or supplements lowered cholesterol levels. Good cholesterol levels were increased, while blood triglyceride levels were significantly lowered. The fish oil dosage doctors prescribe most is 3 grams.

Additionally, people who have had a non-fatal heart attack in the past were found to be less likely to experience another heart attack when they started taking fish oil supplements every day. Several studies have found similar results. This suggests that along with other treatments, omega-3 fish oil supplements can greatly improve cardiovascular health.


Using High Quality Fish Oil Makes a Difference

Contaminated Fish OilWhile you can consume fish to get these essential fatty acids, this is not always the most healthy option. Fish can unfortunately be contaminated from pollution. Tested fish often show high toxicity or heavy metal contamination. It can also be costly to buy and prepare fatty cold water fish for meals.

High quality supplements screen their fish oil for contamination and they use fish from clean and unpolluted waters. Avoid cheap supplements at all cost. These not only use fish from polluted and unclean water, but they will also press the entire fish to get the oil. This means internal organs like the liver can end up in the supplement, which increases the number of toxins you are ingesting.


Protect Your Health!

There are numerous studies that show how much omega 3 fish oil can do for your health. It can truly improve many cardiovascular diseases. Finding a high quality supplement is vital, and will allow you to get the safest benefits possible.


Take a Pure Supplement With the Best Health Benefits

I have done a lot of shopping around for the best fish oil and I have listed the products that fit the criteria for a good supplement on our Best Brands page.



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