Lower Cholesterol Naturally and Increase Energy For Great Health

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Lower Cholesterol Naturally With A Specific Nutrient

You have probably heard that Dr. Oz and many other professionals are now recommending CoQ10 for those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, but you may not have heard that it can also have positive effects on the heart.

While research is still ongoing to determine how useful this supplement can be to the heart, there are many doctors now using this supplement for patients with high cholesterol who are at risk of heart disease and future heart attacks.


What Does Your Heart Need?

Every cell of the body depends on CoQ10 to produce energy. Without this energy, your cells and organs would die off and you would not be walking the earth. Your heart uses a lot of energy and unfortunately, your levels start to dwindle after the age of 40.

This is now believed to be a contributing factor in many of the health problems that occur later in life. It is, of course, not the only factor leading up to heat disease, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases, but low levels could be a contributing factor in some of these things.


So, How Can CoQ10 Lower Cholesterol?

Man taking CoQ10 pillsIt comes down to the supplement’s ability to replenish your levels which deliver energy to the heart and allow it to keep functioning properly.

Since the heart uses more of this nutrient, it makes sense that it would be affected to a greater degree when your levels start to decrease. This is why so much research is now being conducted on the effects of CoQ10 on the heart. Studies are showing that a high quality supplement can lower cholesterol.

Some studies are also showing that a supplement could help prevent heart attacks, and may help those already suffering from heart disease. When given to patients during or immediately after heart surgery, this supplement may even help patients recover and lower the risk of heart failure.


CoQ10 Lowers Cholesterol, Raises Energy Levels

Energized CellThere are millions of people suffering from low energy levels, and many of them are those also at risk for heart disease. Many are heart patients who have already experienced heart attacks, and some that have had open heart surgery in the past.

This is why research showing that CoQ10 could lower the risk of heart attack, and even help prevent heart disease, is so exciting.
Doctors are finding that they may be able to give this supplement to patients immediately after a heart attack to reduce their risks of another heart attack or heart failure.

Those at high risk for any type of heart problems may also benefit from a supplement.
While protecting the heart, this supplement can provide increased energy levels. This is not only helpful to those suffering from heart disease, but it is also helpful to those going through periods of depression or chronic fatigue syndrome.


An Excellent Natural Source For CoQ10

There are products that will keep you protected, help lower cholesterol naturally and ensure that you get the antioxidants that you need for good health. Go to the product review page to see our research on the best products we have found so far.

Staying healthy should be a top priority and using CoQ10 combined with other powerful antioxidants like Astaxanthin, Lycopene and Omega 3’s, can help to ensure that your body is getting what it needs.



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