Is Omega 3 Good For Me?

woman with fish oil capsuleYou may be asking the question ” Is Omega 3 Good For Me” and whether it’s a good supplement for you to be adding to your diet.

You may also be wondering what type of health benefits you can expect to receive from adding Omega-3 to your diet. This article will answer your questions.

Omega-3 is a common topic these days. We are hearing more and more on the news and in health magazines about the many benefits of taking Omega-3 supplements or in adding extra Omega-3 to the diet.

The heart, like any machine needs oil to run smooth and steady. Not just any oil though. Researchers have identified the right oil as Omega-3. Fatty acids and oily substances found in fish and some plants are the main source.

Supplements Can Replace Missing Nutrients

Omega-3 is an essential oil that is necessary for the proper functioning of the entire body. The change in the Western diet has resulted in a depletion of this essential oil from our bodies.

Omega-3 is an oil that is derived from flax seed as well as fish. Fish oil is preferred because flaxseed oil has a short shelf life and is prone to oxidation and going rancid.

Picture of cooked salmon filetIt’s almost impossible to obtain the amount of necessary Omega-3 fatty oils through our regular diet; a supplement is one of the best ways to achieve proper levels of essential Omega-3.

You could eat a lot of fish to get what your body needs but that puts you at risk for heavy metal poisoning, especially from mercury.

There have been more than 4,500 clinical studies into Omega-3 fatty acids on our health and they resulted in repeated confirmation of cardiovascular benefits. The Greenland Eskimos and Japanese who eat a diet rich in fish oil showed a very low heart attack incidence.

What Are the Benefits of Omega 3?:

  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Greater brain activity
  • Improved arthritis
  • Reduction in hyperactivity in children
  • Makes blood less stickier
  • Soothes heart rate

More Recent Benefits Have Been Discovered

Omega 3 fish oil capsules in a bottleOmega 3 is being used to naturally address mental illnesses in children such as ADHD as well as ADD and dyslexia. These illnesses may be the result of a lack of essential Omega-3 fatty acids in the brain.

Pregnant women are now being recommended to add Omega-3 to their pre-natal supplements as well. Benefits are being seen for mother and baby in lowered early labor risks and in healthier full term babies.

Some cancers being addressed through Omega-3 supplementation are breast and colon. When the body is given the proper amount of essential oils the brain, nervous system and circulatory system is better able to function and people are seeing symptoms of pain, disease, mental illness and even wrinkled skin show improvements.

Do You Want To Live Longer?
A 2003 study in the Journal of Medical Genetics took place with 72 men who had reached the ripe old age of a hundred. The study showed that they had higher levels of anti-inflammatory substances in their bodies than men of other age groups. So keep your anti-inflammatory defenses strong and you will live a longer life.
Omega-3 – Good Health Is Within Your Reach

You need a product that offers you the essential fatty acids that are required in order for your body to function at its absolute best. We have discovered a few good brands supplemented with Ubiquinol (CoQ10) to help restore your energy levels as well.

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