Heart Disease – What You Should Know When Taking Statins

Half of all Heart Failure Occurs Because the Heart Can’t Relax

running heart drawingYour heart uses a lot of energy. That’s why CoQ10 and Heart Disease are being looked at closely. Without enough energy the muscle fibers in your heart get stiff. Your heart can’t relax.

Doctors call this Diastolic Dysfunction. For the heart to keep pumping, it has to have a good systolic phase (pumping out blood). A Cardiologist should also pay very close attention to the diastolic phase (filling the heart) because it takes more energy to fill the heart than to pump the blood out of it.

Something Isn’t Right, So You’re Off To See the Doctor

patient with heart problemsYou tell him that you’re getting tired more often and experiencing shortness of breath. The doctor checks you out by doing an echocardiogram which shows a normal systolic function, your heart is ejecting blood through your arteries normally and the doctor says it’s probably just stress.

But what are the heart disease causes?  It has to do with Diastolic Dysfunction and a lack of energy for the heart. A lot of people have it, especially women. Their hearts don’t have the energy to fill with enough blood. The bad part about this is that it sneaks up on you over time.

Prescription medicine can’t help you with diastolic dysfunction. However, supplements of Co-Q10, D-ribose, carnitine, fish oil and magnesium have been shown to improve this dysfunction.

Some Researchers Refer to Heart Failure As a CoQ10 Deficiency Disease

failing heart has been damagedATP is the fuel that powers our bodies and CoQ10 is the spark that ignites it. A deficiency can rob your heart and other vital organs of precious energy.
With less ATP to meet the heart’s energy requirements, the heart becomes stiff. This raises your blood pressure and the increased blood pressure transmits back to the lungs and you may experience shortness of breath with exertion and even at rest if the condition is allowed to go unchecked.

Does Your Heart Have Enough Fuel?

A new theory circulating around the medical community is about Metabolic Cardiology. This is all about the supply and demand of cellular energy (ATP) to your heart. As the heart is weakened by toxins, plaque buildup and inflammation, ATP can help to restore the cellular energy your heart needs to defend itself and rebuild from any damage.

Are You Taking a Statin Drug Such as Lipitor or Crestor?

statin drug in prescription bottleThere is a negative connection between CoQ10 and Statins. Statin drugs have been found to block the formation of this nutrient. The statin drug interferes with the chemical pathway shared by both.
As you read earlier, with lower levels your heart can be robbed of vital energy. That’s why cardiologists are starting to prescribe supplements along with statin drugs.

Texas cardiologist Peter Langsjoen, M.D., states that it’s the most powerful application is for any impairment in heart muscle function because the heart uses such a huge amount of energy.
That’s where you see the very dramatic lifesaving changes.
Natures Very Best Source

New Zealand LandscapeEating right and exercise are good for heart disease prevention but you can feel better and more energetic and be better all at the same time by giving your C0Q10 levels a boost. I have discovered a pure and natural fish oil from the pristine waters of New Zealand called Omega 3/QH Ultra it’s supplemented with ubiquinol to help replenish your body.

For more interesting information on Heart Disease and how to prevent it visit Heart and Cardio Health.

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