Gum Disease Treatments – Low CoQ10 Levels Can Lead To Periodontis

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CoQ10 – Gum Disease, What’s the Link?

What happens in your mouth is a mirror for your whole body. There has been a link found with CoQ10 Gum Disease research. The signs of gum disease are bleeding gums, foul breath and other symptoms of periodontal disease may have underlying heart disease or even cancer.

Diseased gums may be a red flag for a deficiency in the body. It’s important for dentists and oral surgeons to share their findings with you or your doctor so that tests can be done to find hidden problems.



Periodontitis starts as redness where the tooth meets the gum. The infection then advances down into the space between the gum and the tooth.

Gradually the infection spreads to the root and then the jaw bone, eroding these supporting tissues and loosening the tooth to the point where it can fall out. (see picture below)

drawing of the stages of periodontal disease

Gum Disease Picture


CoQ10 Supplements Can Help the Whole Body

CoQ10 can benefit everyone with disease or those without disease as a preventative measure. Some doctors have noticed that while they were treating patients with supplements for heart disease, their gums became healthier.

This isn’t at all surprising since your tissues of your gums are highly sensitive to a deficiency. Because this enzyme works at the cellular level, it helps to promote strong, healthy cells, whether they are in your organs or in the gums.

Patients with gum disease have lower levels of this natural nutrient and research has reported improvement after supplements are taken.


A study was conducted at Hiroshima University Hospital in Japan over a Twelve week trial period. 56 patients participated in the study; their average age was Forty Two.
Patients in this study received 60 milligrams in 20 milligram divided doses per day. The movement of teeth was significantly lower in the experimental group when compared to the group given a placebo.


CoQ10 As A Gum Disease Treatment

dentist looking at xrayThe use of CoQ10 in dentistry dates back to the 1970s when researchers in Europe and Japan found a common deficiency among patients with diseased gums. Further research showed that supplementation had a beneficial effect. The CoQ10 patients had less pain, swelling, bleeding, and movement of teeth. It also helped accelerate healing of the gums.

The researchers said the results seen after three weeks of supplementation would normally take six months of treatment. When further trials are performed in the future, and more data is collected, it’s possible that a wide variety of dental diseases could be helped.


Are You Over 40 Years of Age?

woman holding coffee cupHere is another interesting fact. Levels are found to be low in people with diseases such as heart disease, receding gums, diabetes, eye disorders and high blood pressure. Falling levels are part of the aging process.

After the age of 40 our bodies have a hard time producing it. It’s been found that periodontal disease affects older people more than young people. Because of this, scientists are studying a possible correlation between a deficiency and gum disease or any of the previous diseases mentioned.

You owe it to yourself to start taking CoQ10 supplements to help prevent the diseases that show up as we get older. One of the benefits is that it’s safe to take with virtually no side effects. No prescription is required.


You Can Re-Supply Your Body With CoQ10

It’s possible to keep your levels of up with a good supplement that’s infused with ubiquinol to re-supply your body and help prevent the diseases of aging like gum disease. Don’t let your body get caught short of this important nutrient.


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