Does CoQ10 Give You Energy and Fight Disease?

CoQ10 benefitting the brain

The answer to “does CoQ10 give you energy?” is yes. It’s a fundamental nutrient in energy production. It keeps your cells running smoothly. A deficiency can give you an energy crash.

There are many people who are deficient and can’t understand why they feel so run down. Low levels can impact your health in a bad way and scientists are starting to find out that it may play a big role in how we age.

The cells in your body need energy to perform the complex tasks they do for the body, such as producing hormones, contracting muscles, fighting off viruses and breaking down food. They also have to continuously get rid of the waste your body produces.

All of these things require energy, without enough; your body becomes unable to cope with all of the work it needs to stay healthy. The inbox keeps getting full while the outbox fills up even higher.


CoQ10 – Defense Against Disease and Premature Aging

drawing of man blocking free radicalsCoQ10 has a duel role. It provides the spark that allows your cells to create energy and it also acts as a powerful antioxidant. I’m sure you have been hearing about them on Talk Shows and advertisements.

Antioxidants gobble up free radicals. You have probably also heard of free radicals before and have wondered what they are. They are basically what’s left over after your body converts food and oxygen into energy. A “free” electron breaks off of the oxygen atom during this process and starts to wander on its own looking for other electrons to attach to.

This happens many times a day and if you don’t have enough antioxidants available to fight them off then these little terrorists can accumulate and engulf your tissues and organs and cause internal inflammation. New science and research is showing that Free Radicals are one of the main causes of disease and premature aging.


The Effects of Modern Life

polluted water flowing from pipeThere are other sources of free radicals that we are exposed to. Our modern lives have produced higher stress levels which take a toll on our immune system. We breathe in car exhaust and some of us smoke cigarettes.

Our western diets have been stripped of vital nutrients in the way they are processed. All of these things contribute to an increase of free radical buildup in our bodies. This is why it’s more important than ever to make sure we are supplying our bodies with enough antioxidants to fight off these wild and dangerous radicals.


Eating Right Is Harder Than You Think

shopping cart filled with foodYou could get antioxidants from the food you eat if you cut out most of what is readily available to us and started to eat more vegetables, whole grains and stayed away from processed foods. However, I know from our own efforts that this is easier said than done.

It’s go…go…go all day long and we have found that it takes more time to prepare this kind of food than our family has. We try to prepare healthy nutritious meals on the weekends when we have the time to do it but I have to admit, like most families, it’s all to easy to order a pizza, grab some fast food or eat out at a restaurant that serves foods that are bad for us.

We have made some progress in changing our diet, which is a great first step but we realize that we need help and taking supplements ensures that we are getting what our bodies need even when we aren’t eating right.

So, we are now taking supplements to help us get CoQ10 and other antioxidants we need for energy and good health. I suppose if my wife would quit her job and dedicate herself to cooking wholesome meals with fresh ingredients, we could skip the supplements. But that isn’t going to happen. We need her income.

Does CoQ10 give you energy and fight disease? Yes. Fortunately, there are some excellent supplements available. I researched different brands and found Omega 3/QH Ultra. It has everything I need combined with a premium fish oil. So it’s good for my heart as well. Fish oil has been proven to help with plaque buildup in the arteries.

For more information on CoQ10 read these interesting questions and answers about Free Radicals.



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