Discover the Link Between CoQ10 and Depression Treatment

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Do You Suffer From Depression or Know Someone Who Does?

If you do you know how debilitating it can be. It’s not always a mental thing, it can very well stem from low energy. You can try a CoQ10 supplement and depression may start to lift.

It’s found in all the cells in our body.  It helps to spark the process that creates energy in our bodies.  If we don’t have enough of this happening, we can become tired. Depression can stem from this lack of energy.

If you can find a way to boost your energy you will feel like getting up and doing more. Normally this will help to also elevate your mood.

This is one of the advantages of taking a quality supplement. In fact CoQ10 is so good at recharging your body, it’s recommended you take it in the mornings and not at night because of this energizing factor.


Depression Treatment Can Include CoQ10

happy smile faceIf depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. In some cases it can also be from low energy. There is a chemical within our cells called ATP.

Electrons extracted from the food we eat are combined to make ATP. CoQ10 plays a starring role in this function.

It helps to increase the production of ATP. This in turn helps the cells carry oxygen to the muscles, thus energizing us.  If ATP is low then we are fatigued.

We need ATP to help us feel like getting up and moving around and to generally help us feel good.


Extra Benefits of Taking CoQ10

In addition to the benefit of helping to boost the production of ATP to help us feel better by being energized it helps with another muscle, the heart.  If a person has cardiovascular disease and is receiving treatments with drugs that help to lower high cholesterol these drugs have been questioned as to whether or not they hinder the body’s ability to make coenzyme Q10.

There have also been clinical studies showing the link between a deficiency of CoQ10 and Parkinson’s disease.


There is evidence that major depression goes hand in hand with an induction of inflammatory and oxidative stress pathways and by a deficiency in antioxidants. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory effects.
– Prof. Dr. Michael Maes, MD., PhD



The Natural Way To Help Treat Depression

So considering the benefits of taking a supplement that contains Ubiquinol versus not taking it, I believe it’s worth a try.  Especially since it’s safe to take without any side effects. Where CoQ10 and depression are concerned, I would be more inclined to try the Ubiquinol supplement than adding another mood elevating drug.

Think long and hard about that. Anti-depressants are very addictive. You can’t just stop them, you have to wean from them.  For many they have a lot of unpleasant side-effects, like–lack of energy.  Ironic, huh?

When considering taking a supplement, you should ensure that the product is giving you the quality ingredients that your body can absorb. When researching all of the different brands out there we found one company that delivers the best ingredients available with a 100% guarantee. Go to our Best Brands page to see.


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