Use CoQ10 Supplements To Rejuvenate and Protect Your Body


CoQ10 Supplements are the best way to get your body’s levels back to where they should be. Clinical research has demonstrated that serious Coenzyme Q10 deficiencies exist in our population due to many factors.

Researchers have found out that production of this nutrient gradually declines in the body after the age of 40. Taking supplements has been shown to increase blood levels of this essential nutrient resulting in many clinical benefits.



You Can Get Some of Your CoQ10 From Food

It’s good to know what foods contain CoQ10 but the amount we get from the food we eat isn’t enough to replenish our bodies if we are suffering from disease. Those with diseases such as periodontal disease, high blood pressure, heart disease and a weak immune system need more than a healthy person does in order to have any healing effect.


What Causes Us To Lose CoQ10?

image of woman lifting weightEnvironmental stress as well as lifestyle factors may reduce levels in the body. One lifestyle stress is high-intensity exercise. When athletes have been studied, low blood levels have been observed, most probably because of the increased metabolic demands of exercising muscles, resulting in an excess of free radicals.


Other factors that may result in deficiencies include cholesterol-lowering drugs such as Statins like Lipitor, Crestor and Zocor to mention a few. As it turns out, Statins, while blocking your liver from making cholesterol, also blocks CoQ10 from being made.



Bottle of Lipitor PillsIt’s important that physicians be aware of the potential for statins to affect CoQ10 levels. This effect certainly has major implications for patients with cardiac disease.
It’s also crucial that patients with congestive heart failure or an overactive thyroid be given additional supplemental doses to offset the effects of these cholesterol-reducing drugs.


Here Is Another Reason For Taking Supplements

drawing of artery blocked with plaqueScientific research has found that LDL Cholesterol is susceptible to oxidation. It’s the oxidation of LDL that causes it to stick to the sides of our arteries and cause Clogged Arteries. A combination of CoQ10 and Vitamin E makes LDL Cholesterol more resistant to oxidation. This finding has major implications for the prevention of coronary artery disease.

Human studies and clinical data have also provided evidence that supplementation can increase blood levels in those with severe heart disease. So we know that it’s possible to correct deficiencies by taking supplements.


If You’re Looking For The Way To Stay Healthy

I take Lipitor, and ever since I read that my CoQ10 levels could be falling due to Statin drugs, I started to look for a really good quality supplement. As it turns out absorption is a very important thing to consider.

CoQ10 is referred to as Ubiquinone in the body and this has to be converted to Ubiquinol before it can be used. I learned that taking a supplement with Ubiquinol is the way to go since it’s ready to be absorbed by my body.
After months of research, I found quality products that use Ubiquinol combined with fish oil, Astaxanthin and Lycopene. You can see them here on our product review page.

Those extra ingredients are powerful antioxidants that work together to get rid of free radicals in my body. It’s kind of like an Antioxidant Tag Team keeping watch over me 24/7.

Plus the fish oil is really good for my heart and by getting everything in one capsule the price is lower than buying all of these ingredients separately and it comes with a 100% guarantee.



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