Understanding The CoQ10 Lipitor Health Warning

CoQ10 and Mitochondria

It seems every cardiologist in the country is prescribing statins to patients with high levels of cholesterol. High cholesterol is a serious cardiovascular disease that can often result in major heart problems; but before taking statins, such as Lipitor, to treat high cholesterol, it is important to understand the CoQ10 Lipitor relationship.

It’s a vital chemical compound produced by the mitochondria within each cell of the human body. The main function of the Mitochondria is to generate ATP, which is the energy source of the body.

CoQ10 is the spark that ignites the ATP fuel. Our hearts require lots of energy to function but if your levels start to drop, then your heart can starve for energy.


Statins Can Lower Your CoQ10 Levels

Lipitor and other statins have been shown to lower the levels of naturally occurring CoQ10 within the body, which is often already deficient in middle-aged individuals. A deficiency can cause your heart to become stiff, this increases blood pressure, which can cause other cardiovascular diseases.


CoQ10 Lipitor Interference

Bottle of Lipitor PillsStatins are a generic term referring to the HMG-CoA reductase class inhibitors.  This is a group of drugs used to treat high cholesterol by acting to inhibit the mevalonate pathway.  Specifically, drugs like Lipitor block the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme, which is involved in the creation of cholesterol within the liver.

While this, in itself, is beneficial to the body, statins also block some good processes, such as ubiquinone metabolism. That’s right!  Lipitor actually sets up interference in the production of cellular energy!


Cardiologist Stephen Sinatra states: “It is almost criminal, in my opinion, not to supplement a person who is taking statin drugs, the drugs are creating CoQ10 deficiencies.


Your Heart Needs CoQ10

The most dramatic effects of an insufficient supply can be seen in the heart – the very thing that Lipitor users are trying to preserve by taking the medication!  The smooth muscles of the heart require a relatively vast supply of energy to function properly.  Take away this heart fuel and energy production grinds to a slow crawl, insufficient for the needs of a strong and healthy heart.

It also plays a role in blood clotting and acts as a powerful antioxidant, binding to free-radicals that can cause illness and cancer.  Obviously, this is one chemical compound that you do not want to have in short supply in your own body.


When optimal levels dwindle, a whole host of complications can then arise.  Obviously, this is a substantial drawback to the use of statins to correct high cholesterol.


Fortunately, These Deficiencies Can Be Resolved With Supplements

The body continually produces CoQ10 throughout your life. However, as we age, the amount your body produces decreases substantially.  This decline in production is made even more pronounced by the use of Statins like Lipitor.

We are able to offset this decline by absorbing CoQ10 from the food we eat.  However, studies suggest that the average adult ingests only 5 mg of this crucial coenzyme each day.  On the other hand, the body must somehow replace as much as 500 mg daily; that is 100 times more than can be obtained by food alone.

The body’s natural production and the amounts obtained from food simply cannot keep up with the body’s demands. Supplements are the easiest way to protect your body from depletion, so that you can get the cholesterol lowering benefits of taking Lipitor while still enjoying the energy and health that come with maintaining sufficient levels.


What’s The Best Supplement For Bringing Back Your CoQ10 Levels?

The best supplement we have found so far is a product from New Zealand called Omega 3/QH Ultra which contains Ubiquinol.

Omega 3/QH Ultra provides your body with a premium supplement that is high in Omega 3, Lycopene, Astaxanthin and CoQ10. These important Antioxidants protect your body from Free Radicals and supplies you with the CoQ10 your body is missing.

Don’t Let Lipitor and Other Statins Short Change Your CoQ10 Levels!

For more information on CoQ10 and Statin Drugs, see this article: CoQ10 and Statins.


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