COQ10 Fish Oil – A Magic Combination


Why Do We Need A Fish Oil Supplement?

Man taking coq10 fish oil capsulesWe all want good health. We all want to live life without disease. However, our western diets usually fail to give us the nutrition our bodies need to ward off the diseases associated with aging. That’s why we are going to talk about the importance of taking a CoQ10 Fish Oil supplement.


What Are The Benefits of Taking CoQ10 Fish Oil?

One of the first questions you should always ask when it comes to supplements is, what are the benefits? If you are taking a supplement that isn’t being absorbed properly by your body then you are wasting your money. You need to take nutrients that will actually do you some good and have been backed up by clinical studies.

It’s found naturally in our body, it’s essential for sparking the production of energy and can also help build up our immune system and make our cells and muscles stronger. After the age of 40 our bodies have a hard time producing enough. If our ability to produce enough of this nutrient is restricted we really need to do something about that.

We need to boost our supply. You can get this from some of the foods you eat, however, in order for your body to get at least a 30-mgs, you would have to eat 2 pounds of beef, 1 pound of sardines or 2 1/2 pounds of peanuts. Don’t know what you think but I vote for taking supplements.


Take Ubiquinol (CoQ10) With A Fish Oil Supplement For Extra Benefits

fish oil supplements in a spoonUbiquinol is the reduced, active antioxidant form of CoQ10 which is produced naturally within healthy bodies. This is the ingredient to look for in your supplement.

In addition to the critical role it plays in energy production, it’s the strongest fat soluble antioxidant available. It protects the body’s cells from oxidative stress (free radicals).

Certain fish oils are very high in vitamins A and D and have rich supplies of omega 3 fatty acids. These ingredients are top notch when it comes to offering health benefits to our bodies. So when you combine it with fish oil you are giving your body a serious serving of positive health benefits.

Studies suggest that fish oil and CoQ10 can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack. It may also help stop the build-up of plaque within your arteries. DHA, one of the acids found in fish oil is believed to give protection to neurons in your brain.

The American Heart Association recommends medication for heart patients using a combination of omega 3 fatty acids and COQ10 both of which can be found in a single capsule.
Most health professionals also recommend sensible diet and regular exercise.


Give Your Heart What It Needs For Optimum Performance

heart with stethascopeWe know that our heart has one of the highest energy requirements of any organ and not surprisingly uses the most CoQ10. Our level drops with age and particularly in patients with heart disease.

If your taking a statin medication such as Lipitor or Zocor (please read about CoQ10 and Statins,) your levels can drop even further. Hence the greater need for healthy supplements.


Getting Your Omega 3’s by Eating a Lot of Fish Can Be Dangerous

Filet of Pink SalmonIt’s a sad fact but true that a lot of fish we catch and eat today are contaminated with toxins from our polluted oceans. So eating large amounts of fish in order to get enough Omega 3 can not only be expensive but could cause you to ingest way too much mercury.

In such a situation, fish oil supplements can have a bigger and better impact on our health requirements. Supplements are filtered and tested to detect any heavy metal toxins making the capsules safe to consume.

Fish oil combined with Ubiquinol has the potential to do so many good things such as maintaining a normal heart rhythm, helping maintain healthy blood circulation and aiding your body’s anti-inflammatory responses.

Amid all the hype out there it’s refreshing to find supplements that actually have outstanding health benefits. It’s great to find them so affordable and so convenient to take. We can certainly make a difference to our health and in turn to our lifestyle.


The research behind fish oil indicates that within 3 days it can penetrate plaque build up in the arteries and soften it so it’s less likely to rupture and cause a heart attack.


If Your Looking For An Easier Way To Stay Healthy

Taking a fish oil supplement with Ubiquinol is one of the best ways to give your body what it needs. It provides a double punch of antioxidants for optimum health. We have found a few supplements that meet the requirements. Visit our reviews here.


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