CoQ10 Children Supplements – Are They Safe?

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CoQ10 Children Safety Concerns

CoQ10 children supplements seem like a harmless thing, since this enzyme is produced naturally within every cell of the human body. Children actually have more of this substance than adults, since production tends to slow down with age.

Yet, there has been a bit of controversy over whether supplements should be used for children. Some resources will say that you should never give the supplement to children, while others cite cases where it has been used effectively to treat certain illnesses.


Healthy Children Don’t Need a Supplement

The general consensus seems to be that healthy children do not need to take a supplement. Since they naturally have an adequate supply of the substance in their bodies and are hopefully eating healthy foods that supply a bit more on a daily basis, they really do not have anything to gain by introducing a supplement into their bodies.

Since the use of the substance in children hasn’t been studied to a great extent, parents should always check with their pediatricians before giving children the supplement.


CoQ10 Can Help Children Fight Disease

For the most part, the cases where children do successfully take the supplement tend to be with unhealthy children. When taking CoQ10 children with select diseases often do show some benefits. Many of the children treated have mitochondrial diseases, which are typically genetic. Others have very rare diseases that come with symptoms that can be relieved to some extent through the use of a supplement.


CoQ10 Will Help Their Bodies Create Energy More Efficiently

Children lying down in leavesMitochondrial diseases are those that affect the mitochondria of the body. The simplest way to understand mitochondria is to think of them as small machines inside every cell of the body busily turning food into ATP to be used for energy. Without the work of these little machines, food consumed is not properly processed and converted into energy. That is why they are needed in all cells of the body (except in red blood cells).

When taking CoQ10 children with mitochondrial diseases receive extra assistance keeping the body full of those little machines (mitochondria). This can help them convert food better and can help relieve some of the discomforts of their disease.

Children who suffer from rare diseases that raise the cholesterol levels unnaturally may also use this supplement, since it is a natural cholesterol lowering substance. Some other rare diseases naturally correspond with low levels in the body, so a supplement is taken to bring levels back up to an acceptable range. Still others may use the substance to increase energy levels if a disease affects energy.


Autistic Children May Benefit From CoQ10 Supplement

autistic child behind glassCoQ10 is being used to treat autistic children as well. It’s believed that children with autism may be more vulnerable to free radicals inside the body. Since it’s a powerful antioxidant, it makes sense that a supplement can help control the free radicals inside a child’s body. This should always be cleared with a pediatrician before a supplement is given to a child.

It is important to keep in mind that dosages of this supplement will be different for a child than for an adult. Most bottles will only give recommended dosages for adults, so the dosage for a child must be cleared with a medical doctor.

Parents should never assume that half an adult dose is appropriate for a child. When taking CoQ10 children should be supervised by a medical professional.


Provide Your Child With Natural Nourishment?

mitochondrial cellsTaking a supplement designed specifically for children is one of the best ways to give their bodies what they need for optimum health.

There are so many toxins out in the world that our kids can be exposed to but when they take a supplement that provides all the nutrients they may be missing, then I feel better about their chances of staying healthy. We have found an all natural supplement called TotalBalance for Children.

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