What Makes Omega3/QH CoQ10 Best Overall?


Read On To Discover the Best Source of CoQ10

drawing of strand of DNAAs medical science probes deeper into the cells of our body to look for the origins of disease and the aging process itself, CoQ10 keeps appearing on the top of the list.  Rolf Luft, M.D., Ph.D., of Karolinska Hospital in Sweden, has seen in his studies that even a small deficiency in your levels may be a key factor in the development of many age related health issues.

Clinical trials have provided evidence that supplementation can increase blood levels in our bodies but what is the best source?
Your body naturally produces CoQ10. It’s present in every cell of your body. It’s also found naturally in food but the amount received from dietary sources is not enough to resupply the deficiency that we all develop after the age of 40.


CoQ10 Best Form Available is Ubiquinol

When you look to buy CoQ10, you will find that most supplements contain a version called Ubiquinone. Your body has to convert Ubiquinone to Ubiquionol in order to use it properly and this becomes hard for your body to do as it gets older.  That’s why taking a supplement that contains the more useable form (Ubiquinol) is the best source you can get.

picture of woman exercising on treadmillBy using Ubiquinol your blood levels stay higher for a longer period of time, allowing your body to use it when needed. Imagine being able to maintain muscle strength as you age. Maintaining muscle strength and energy is the key to feeling younger and maintaining good health.

Ubiquinol is a powerful antioxidant which fights off the free radicals that contribute to aging and disease. It acts like a body guard, protecting our cells from damage.


Take Ubiquinol With a Premium Fish Oil For Best Absorption

Ubiquinol is a fat soluble substance, so taking it combined with an Omega 3 fish oil is the best way to introduce it into your body where it can do the most good. You also get the added benefits that fish oil provides such as:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Softening of Arterial Plaque so it won’t rupture
  • Lowering of Triglycerides
  • Sharper Memory
  • Helps with Skin Disorders


How can you tell if the CoQ10 supplements you are taking is working for you? The most obvious change you’ll notice is improved energy and stamina.


What Sets Omega 3/QH Ultra Apart From Other Supplements?

CoQ10 is vitally important to your body. The best dietary sources for it are red meats and organ meats but these have also been labeled as unhealthy, artery clogging foods. Yet this nutrient is necessary for good heart function. So what are we to do?

Like most things in life, moderation is the way to go. The most beneficial way to get more into your body is through supplements. I found a premium source combined with fish oil and other antioxidants called Omega 3/QH Ultra. It meets the highest purity standards in the industry.

See our product review page for the best CoQ10 supplements.


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