CoQ10 Benefits – More Energy – Better Health

CoQ10: What is it?

Diagram of Human LiverCoQ10 benefits the cells in our bodies. It’s a naturally occurring vitamin-like compound that is contained in each of the body’s cells. Its molecular structure is much like vitamin K and it could even be considered to be related to vitamin E.

We usually get it through foods like fish and meats. It’s manufactured in our bodies, but most of us after the age of 40 don’t seem to make enough.

Benefits of CoQ10

Co-enzyme Q10 performs two very important functions in the body. First of all, it helps to Produce Energy necessary for our body to work properly.

Secondly, it performs as an extremely Powerful Antioxidant which works to eliminate free radicals. These free radicals can cause or accelerate a variety of degenerative diseases in the body.

Over 90% of our cells’ energy comes from the mitochondria. These are tiny organs which are present in all human cells and this is where the magic happens.

Look At The CoQ10 Benefits Being Studied:

  • Help slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease
  • Improve heart symptoms for cardiac patients
  • Can reduce the risk of gum disease
  • Helps stop blood clots and improve blood flow
  • Reduce the frequency of migraines
  • Help protect sperm cells and improve fertility in men
  • Help reduce tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Help boost your immune system
  • Help lower high blood pressure
  • Improve exercise performance and reduce muscle stress
CoQ10 is Vital For Energy Creation and Disease Prevention

Drawing of Mitochondria in human cellsOne of the Main Functions of this nutrient is that it supports the transfer of electrons in the mitochondria for making adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which is the chemical energy that powers our cells.

Mitochondria are sometimes referred to as “Little Power Plants“. Another important CoQ10 benefit is that it has been found to be just as effective as alpha-tocopherol, which is a strong antioxidant.

The concentration will vary depending on where in your body it’s used. The organ that uses the most of this enzyme is the Heart.

Other power hungry organs that need a large amounts are the Liver and the Brain. People with Parkinson’s disease are found to have lower levels.

This important nutrient is needed so your body works properly and having enough energy is crucial. If your body is starved for power then it starts to get damaged.

How Can I Know CoQ10 Benefits Me?

It has been demonstrated by research that low levels happen with age. As we age, we produce less CoQ10 from the food we eat. The reason for this is that as we grow older the body loses its ability to make important nutrients.

A supplement, when taken regularly, will help slow the aging process by keeping your energy levels up and eliminating Free Radicals. This is another benefit of adding supplements to your diet.

Watch Out For Inferior Products

Our health is too important to risk on inferior fish oil supplements. After a lot of searching, we found a few products listed on our best brands page that provide the right ingredients for optimal absorption by your body. Plus extra nutrients and antioxidants to enhance the effectiveness of the supplement. This allows your body to take advantage of all the powerful benefits, giving your body that extra edge it needs to recharge itself.

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