5 Steps To Improve CoQ10 Absorption in Your Body

picture of blood cells in the bodyWhile there are many benefits to taking a daily supplement, a lot of concern has surfaced over the rate of CoQ10 absorption into the bloodstream. Without making its way into the bloodstream, this substance cannot be distributed to cells throughout the body to take effect.

I’m not about to spend money on any vitamin or mineral if it doesn’t get absorbed effectively. Many people are wasting their money on expensive supplements that are not actually helping them in any way.

Are You Flushing Your Money Away?

Some professional sources estimate that at least half of all CoQ10 taken by the average person will be pushed out of the body before it makes it all the way to the bloodstream. This means more than half of what consumers are paying for may be flushed down the toilet, quite literally. For those with dysfunctional digestive systems, even more of it could be making its way out of the body rather than into the bloodstream.

So, there is clearly an issue when it comes to the absorption of this important nutrient by your body. Those who want to get the most out of their supplement should consider the following tips to improve the rate of absorption.

1. Don’t take your supplement without food in your stomach. Just a light snack is enough to help with absorption, but many users prefer to take their pill along with a meal. Since Coenzyme Q10 works with the part of cells that convert food into energy, it makes sense that food would be needed for it to properly absorb and take effect throughout the body.

2. Take a supplement that is combined with a high quality fish oil. The fish oil provides the right amount of healthy fat to help Co-Q10 get to where it’s needed.

3. Eat smaller meals throughout the day rather than a few larger meals, it is believed that taking smaller doses throughout the day is better than a once daily dosage. The theory is that the substance doesn’t last very long before being used up, so a constant supply will keep it in the bloodstream throughout the day. This is something to consider for those taking the supplements to improve energy levels.

4. Know the difference between the two types of supplements: Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol. This second form is believed to be absorbed at a much higher rate than the first form. Of course, it is also harder to find and more expensive. For many, it is worth the extra price since more of what you pay for is actually absorbed into the bloodstream for use. We call this “Coq10 absorption bioavailability”.

5. See your doctor to get a customized dosage for your body and health condition. Most people just follow the recommendations for dosing on the bottle, but research has shown that higher dosages are more effective for many people.

Man taking coq10 fish oil capsulesNotice that only the first three tips directly involve actions you can take to increase your CoQ10 absorption rate. The others involve selecting the best type of supplement and taking it at the proper dosage.

Just by taking the supplement with food and spreading the dosage out through the day, you can get a little more out of your supplement. Those who want to get the best possible absorption rates should find a high quality supplement that combines Ubiquinol with Fish Oil.

Take a look at our recommendations for which Coq10 supplement to take.

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