Research is Showing That Free Radicals May Be One Of The Causes For Diabetes

Diabetes Research News and Free Radicals

picture of doctor with female patientDiabetes research is showing promising results. Like heart disease, diabetes is a silent killer. It rarely causes any symptoms in its early stages, yet it ranks up there with cancer and heart disease as the 5th ranked cause of death.

150,000 people in America die each year from diabetes and its complications. Researchers are finding that most diabetics have low levels and they are now starting to understand the link it has to this disease.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is the body’s inability to break down glucose (sugar). If glucose can’t be metabolized, it gets into the bloodstream and causes all kinds of havoc such as eye disorders, kidney failure, lower leg amputations and heart disease.
diagram of pancreasInsulin, which is manufactured in the Pancreas is needed for blood sugar control. People who are diabetic have very low levels of this hormone or none at all, thus the need for Insulin injections.

The beta cells in your pancreas are very susceptible to free radical stress. Overproduction of free radicals has been identified as one of the causes for diabetes. Prolonged periods of hyperglycemia can stress out your pancreas and damage the cells. Antioxidants can prevent free radicals from attacking healthy cells.

How Can Antioxidants Like CoQ10 Help With Diabetes?

testing blood sugar with finger prickYour Pancreas uses a lot of CoQ10 to stay healthy and it is reasonable to consider that the lower found in diabetics could be the cause of oxidative stress from free radicals.

So for those with diabetes or at high risk for the disease, taking supplements that include magnesium and antioxidants such as CoQ10 will help to prevent the free radical stress that comes with this debilitating disease.

What Is the Best Kind of CoQ10 to Take?

CoQ10 capsules in a jarWhen looking for the right supplement you need to know what form is easily absorbed by your body, otherwise it won’t do you any good. Ubiquinol is the form that is readily available for your body to use.
Ubiquinol also needs to be dissolved in a fatty acid so that your body can transport it to where it is needed. As it turns out, the best carrier for Ubiquinol is Fish Oil. It provides the best absorption.

The Best of Both Worlds

By taking Ubiquinol with Fish Oil you get all of the benefits of Co-Q10 and the extra benefits that Fish Oil has to offer. You can fight free radicals and help your heart at the same time. Best of all it’s safe to take with virtually no side effects.

So take control of free radicals that can harm the cells in your pancreas and start taking supplements to give your body a fighting chance to heal itself.
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