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Is CoQ10 Fat Soluble? Yes it is. To begin with it’s a compound that functions as a coenzyme that drives the production of energy in the body.

It follows the same pathway as other fats that are absorbed by the body. Since it follows the path of other fats it dissolves more effectively when taken with an Omega 3 fat.

The majority of these fats are broken down in the intestine. It’s fat-soluble because it needs to be able to get into the cells of your body and it can only do this as a fat.


Knowing About CoQ10’s Relation to Fat
Will Help You Find the Right Supplement.

Fish Oil Capsules from a jar pictureSince it needs fat to absorb into the body, I have found that fish oil combined with Ubiquinol works as an ideal combination. Fish oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids and makes a great carrier for CoQ10 through your body.

You may have noticed the word Ubiquinol mentioned. It’s a powerful form of CoQ10 that’s ready for immediate use by the body, making it ideal for absorption.


There are many supplements available but they aren’t equally absorbed.
So let’s review the information so far.

  • The chemistry that makes it fat soluble dictates that it should be taken with fats.
  • An ideal fat is fish oil, which contains Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Ubiquinol is a more powerful and readily available form



Here’s Something Else I Learned.

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant. It fights the free radicals that bring on the diseases of aging. Antioxidants work better if they are combined with others. So Omega 3 QH/Ultra adds Astaxanthin and Lycopene to assist it in neutralizing the free radicals in my body. They work together to make an Antioxidant S.W.A.T team.

I take natural supplements to keep my body healthy , you should too, so check out our product review page for the best supplements we have found that contain Ubiquinol.



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Taking the correct fish oil dosage is important. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish are essential for your health but the body can’t make them. You have to get them through the food you eat.

Research into our eating habits is showing that we are falling short of this important nutrient, mainly because we don’t eat enough fish such as salmon, halibut and tuna.


How Much Fish Oil Should I Take?

My doctor told me to either eat fish three times a week or take fish oil supplements. He said the reason I need fish oil is to reduce my Triglyceride levels. I’m taking Lipitor, which works fine for getting my cholesterol levels down but it doesn’t do anything for Triglycerides. That’s where the fish oil comes in. I’m not going to eat fish three times a week, so I chose the supplements.

My doctor has me taking 3 grams of fish oil a day. If you take a lot more than this you should let your doctor know. Large doses of fish oil capsules can make your blood too thin. When you’re looking at the bottle, you will see the fish oil dosage is in mg. (milligrams). 1000mg is equal to 1 gram.


You Need To Know This About Statins

Bottle of StatinsNow, here’s another issue I found when taking statin drugs like Lipitor. They reduce my CoQ10 levels as well as my cholesterol. So now I need to take CoQ10 supplements as well as fish oil.

I did some research and found a supplement that has both a high quality fish oil and CoQ10 mixed together. Plus, it has two other powerful antioxidants called Astaxanthin and Lycopene.

It’s called Omega 3/QH Ultra. Taking three of these capsules gives me 3 grams of fish oil CoQ10 and two other powerful antioxidants. This works for me. I don’t want to take a whole handful of pills in the morning.  I can take Lipitor and CoQ10 and I’m done for the day.


Another Benefit of Fish Oil

After about 2 months of taking these supplements I had a pleasant surprise. For many years I have suffered from dry eyes and now I don’t get them as often. So I went back on the internet to do some more research on fish oil and found among other fish oil benefits that it’s good at reducing inflammation.

As it turns out, my dry eyes are due to my tear ducts swelling shut and preventing tears from lubricating my eyes. It was really annoying because I would be blinking all the time. My wife thought that I was starting to develop a nervous disorder.

Man with closed eyesSo, fewer bouts of dry eyes is a nice side effect and my wife is happy since she says I no longer look like I’m mentally ill. Thanks Honey


Take the One Supplement That Has It All

As for me, I need more than just fish oil. My doctor wants me to take CoQ10 also. So by taking a supplement with everything I need in just one capsule works for me. The less I have to remember in the morning the better.

Take a look at our product review page for our recommendations of the best CoQ10 available.



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If you are interested in using fish oil as anti inflammatory therapy, it’s important to learn how it works in your body. Inflammation is vital for healing wounds and protecting our bodies but not all inflammation is good.

Chronic inflammation inside your body can sneak up on you over time and produce Joint Pain, breakdown Muscle Tissue, increase Blood Clotting, Clog your Arteries and mess with your genes, which can cause Cancer and many other diseases.

For many years health experts have been pointing the finger to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle as the culprits behind inflammation and disease. Fortunately they have also found that the Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil are the most potent natural anti-inflammatories available.

This is great news, because pharmaceutical drugs (NSAID’s) designed to reduce inflammation are proving to be quite dangerous.


How Fish Oil Decreases Inflammation?

There are two essential fatty acids in fish oil: DHA and EPA. They work best together, but the majority of the anti-inflammatory properties come from the DHA. This compound is turned into a powerful fighter of inflammation called Resolvin D2. Once the DHA has been converted into this chemical, it can greatly reduce swelling and inflammation. This leads to a reduction in pain and a greater range of motion in swollen joints.


How Do I Choose The Right Oil?

Not all fish oil supplements are created equally. To get the most health benefits, you need to find the right kind of omega 3 fatty acids. There are a few factors that go into selecting the right supplement:

  • Type of fish
  • Where they were caught
  • Other ingredients


Cold Water Oceans off of New ZealandThe best kind of fish used in these supplements is the Hoki fish and tuna. These will contain the DHA fatty acids that are essential when it comes to fighting inflammation. The location the fish came from is extremely important. Water that is polluted can mean that these contaminants can end up in your supplement.

The best area these fish can come from is the clean and unpolluted waters of New Zealand. My favorite supplement, Omega 3/QH Ultra comes from there. You can find a link for it on our review page. Also, look for other beneficial ingredients used in your supplement.

Other nutrients like CoQ-10 and Astaxanthin can be combined with the fish oil for an extra health advantage. These are powerful antioxidants that help your body to fight off free radicals, which can cause all kinds of diseases.


Taking Supplements Versus Prescriptions

heart beat with supplementsUsing omega-3’s as an anti-inflammatory is a great option. Depending on the severity of your condition, it might be the only thing you need. Keep in mind that it takes longer for supplements to work than prescriptions or other NSAID pain relievers.

One of the major benefits fish oil has as an Anti Inflammatory is the lack of side effects. It’s a natural way to reduce pain and swelling. If your pain and swelling is severe, these supplements can be used in addition to your current treatments. Always talk to a doctor before choosing to use a supplement.

Fish oil as anti-inflammatory is an option for many people. The essential fatty acids in this supplement do reduce swelling. Find the right kind of omega-3’s for the best results. Also discuss using this or any other supplement with a doctor.


You’re Always One Step Ahead With The Right Fish Oil

I recommend using Omega 3/QH Ultra. It’s a high quality fish oil combined with 3 powerful antioxidants; CoQ10, Astaxanthin and Lycopene. This is the brand I have been using for a few years now and it has lowered my Cholesterol, my Skin is Softer and I have more Energy when I work out.

I was so happy to see these results from taking a fish oil supplement. Taking a few capsules a day is one of the easiest things I do to keep my health on track. My doctor was also happy to see that my Triglycerides had gone down to acceptable levels.

One of the other benefits of this supplement is its low price. By combining fish oil and antioxidants together, XtendLife can keep the price down. I priced out purchasing these nutrients separately and Wow! They were too expensive to buy individually.

And for more valuable information on Fish Oil as Anti-Inflammatory visit Omega 3/QH Ultra.


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Fish Oil Capsules from a jar picture

Why Do We Need A Fish Oil Supplement?

Fish oil benefits every part of your body, especially the heart. Like any machine, your heart needs oil to run smoothly. Not just any oil though. Scientists have identified the right oil as Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

It’s not the most glamorous name we have ever heard but it’s very important to your health. Taking a fish oil supplement with antioxidants will ensure that you are getting what your body needs to fight off disease.


What are Some of The Benefits of Fish Oil?

One thing it controls very well is Triglyceride’s (fat in the blood). My doctor put me on Lipitor years ago. It helped get my bad cholesterol down but it wasn’t helping my triglycerides. So, my doctor suggested I take a Fish Oil supplement.  Sure enough, a few months later my triglycerides were under control.


Here is a list of the Main Fish Oil Benefits:

  • Decreases Triglycerides (Fat in the Blood)
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Increases HDL
  • Reduces arterial wall Inflammation
  • Makes blood less stickier and less likely to form clots
  • Stabilizes and maybe even reverses plaque, and prevents plaque rupture
  • Soothes heart rate variability, which counteracts arrhythmia
  • Contributes to the energy of the heart muscle


Controlling Inflammation is Very Important

Fish oil also helps control Eicosanoids. What’s that? Yeah, I had the same question. They are tiny hormone substances that are produced by all of your cells. These chemicals serve to regulate inflammation and immune responses in your body and just like cholesterol, there are good ones and bad ones. Internal Inflammation is how clogged arteries get started.

The good news is that you can control the bad eicosanoids by what you put in your body. Foods like trans fats and refined carbohydrates trigger the production of harmful eicosanoids. Omega 3 Fatty acids on the other hand counteract the inflammation caused by the bad eicosanoids.


You’re Always One Step Ahead With The Right Fish Oil

When looking for a supplement, I didn’t just settle for any fish oil. I did some research and found that it’s also important to take antioxidants. CoQ10, Astaxanthin and Lycopene were at the top of the list. I learned that these antioxidants work together to kick butt wherever they find free radicals that can cause disease. I take Omega 3/QH Ultra. It has all of the fish oil and antioxidants my body needs.

Another benefit of taking a supplement combined with antioxidants is that under certain circumstances the fish oil can get oxidized in your body before it has a chance to work. Astaxanthin has the ability to protect fish oil from oxidizing in your body. This helps the fish oil get to where it’s needed so it can do the most good.

For more information look at Xtend Life for more important information about your health.


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Dec 042012

Know Your Supplement. Make Sure It Has Cold Ocean Omega 3

When looking for supplements, it is important to find the most effective product. This is especially true when it comes to fish oil. Instead of settling for cheap supplements, get the best available. Cold ocean omega 3 is the preferred source of fish oil and it will provide you with the best health benefits.


What’s The Difference Between Different Fish Oils?

Cold Water Oceans off of New ZealandFirst of all, it is important to realize that there is no gold standard when it comes to supplements. They are not approved by the FDA and because of this, it’s hard to tell what you’re really getting. I’m sure you have heard of the awesome benefits of omega 3’s but that doesn’t mean you’ll experience those results with just any supplement. They are all different.

Some of this has to do with the quality of the product. For example, the fish may have come from polluted water. The company could also engage in unsavory practices like pressing the whole fish without first removing the internal organs to get the oil. This means toxins in the liver and other internal organs go into your pill.

Sometimes companies will even use rancid oil and mask it with lemon flavoring. Aside from issues with quality, inferior supplements will not provide you with the desired health benefits, which is why you are taking them in the first place!


Do You Want To Live Longer?

A 2003 study in the Journal of Medical Genetics took place with 72 men who had reached the ripe old age of a hundred. The study showed that they had higher levels of anti-inflammatory substances in their bodies than men of other age groups. So keep your anti-inflammatory defenses strong and you will live a longer life.



The Perfect Combination

picture of fish oil in oceanCold ocean fish oil is best because it contains both DHA and EPA. These are two different essential fatty acids, and they are the compounds that make fish oil so good for you. Without them, you’re essentially wasting your time and money.

DHA primarily lowers inflammation, which is associated with many health problems. It has been found that most people are not getting enough of these essential fatty acids through diet alone. Because of this, they are not getting the health benefits either. Omega 3 with DHA and EPA can:

  • Reduce heart disease
  • Reduce the risk of stroke
  • Improve memory and brain function


The Best Fish Oil Combined With CoQ10

"ImageThe best source of cold ocean fish oil comes from New Zealand and it’s called Omega 3/QH Ultra. Why New Zealand? There are a couple of reasons. One is because the water is pristine and unpolluted. This prevents fish from ingesting toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals and then getting transferred into your supplement.

The other reason is because this is where the Hoki fish are found. Hoki is the best source of Omega three because they contain the highest levels of DHA and EPA oils. By combining this with the added benefits of CoQ10 and other powerful antioxidants, you now have an affordable and superior fish oil supplement.

Getting the right supplements is essential for health. You need to be an informed consumer and know exactly what you are getting. The Cold ocean omega 3 found in Omega 3/QH Ultra Ultra is the best fish oil, and with it you will receive the best health benefits.




 December 4, 2012
Jul 232012
coq10 pills in a large spoon

Omega 3 fish oil has many well-studied and documented benefits. This is a supplement that can improve your quality of life but taking a fish oil supplement full of heavy metals is dangerous to your health.

Discover the benefits to determine if you can experience a healthier life with the addition of a safe-high quality supplement. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:


Controls High Blood Pressure

You can get omega-3 fatty acids from dietary sources, such as from cold water fish, vegetable oils or certain nuts. In the form of supplements, these fatty acids have been studied and shown to improve certain ailments. People who take them also report feeling more mentally alert and less depressed.

Multiple studies have shown that omega-3 supplements can actually lower blood pressure. However, to obtain these results people do need to take high doses, which can increase the risk of bleeding. If you are looking to take these supplements to lower blood pressure, consult a doctor.


Controlling Cholesterol and Preventing Heart Attacks

There are other cardiovascular benefits associated with omega-3 supplements. Human trials also found that the omega-3 oils from either fish or supplements lowered cholesterol levels. Good cholesterol levels were increased, while blood triglyceride levels were significantly lowered. The fish oil dosage doctors prescribe most is 3 grams.

Additionally, people who have had a non-fatal heart attack in the past were found to be less likely to experience another heart attack when they started taking fish oil supplements every day. Several studies have found similar results. This suggests that along with other treatments, omega-3 fish oil supplements can greatly improve cardiovascular health.


Using High Quality Fish Oil Makes a Difference

Contaminated Fish OilWhile you can consume fish to get these essential fatty acids, this is not always the most healthy option. Fish can unfortunately be contaminated from pollution. Tested fish often show high toxicity or heavy metal contamination. It can also be costly to buy and prepare fatty cold water fish for meals.

High quality supplements screen their fish oil for contamination and they use fish from clean and unpolluted waters. Avoid cheap supplements at all cost. These not only use fish from polluted and unclean water, but they will also press the entire fish to get the oil. This means internal organs like the liver can end up in the supplement, which increases the number of toxins you are ingesting.


Protect Your Health!

There are numerous studies that show how much omega 3 fish oil can do for your health. It can truly improve many cardiovascular diseases. Finding a high quality supplement is vital, and will allow you to get the safest benefits possible.


Take a Pure Supplement With the Best Health Benefits

I have done a lot of shopping around for the best fish oil and I have listed the products that fit the criteria for a good supplement on our Best Brands page.



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Jul 182012

Why Do We Need A Fish Oil Supplement?

Man taking coq10 fish oil capsulesWe all want good health. We all want to live life without disease. However, our western diets usually fail to give us the nutrition our bodies need to ward off the diseases associated with aging. That’s why we are going to talk about the importance of taking a CoQ10 Fish Oil supplement.


What Are The Benefits of Taking CoQ10 Fish Oil?

One of the first questions you should always ask when it comes to supplements is, what are the benefits? If you are taking a supplement that isn’t being absorbed properly by your body then you are wasting your money. You need to take nutrients that will actually do you some good and have been backed up by clinical studies.

It’s found naturally in our body, it’s essential for sparking the production of energy and can also help build up our immune system and make our cells and muscles stronger. After the age of 40 our bodies have a hard time producing enough. If our ability to produce enough of this nutrient is restricted we really need to do something about that.

We need to boost our supply. You can get this from some of the foods you eat, however, in order for your body to get at least a 30-mgs, you would have to eat 2 pounds of beef, 1 pound of sardines or 2 1/2 pounds of peanuts. Don’t know what you think but I vote for taking supplements.


Take Ubiquinol (CoQ10) With A Fish Oil Supplement For Extra Benefits

fish oil supplements in a spoonUbiquinol is the reduced, active antioxidant form of CoQ10 which is produced naturally within healthy bodies. This is the ingredient to look for in your supplement.

In addition to the critical role it plays in energy production, it’s the strongest fat soluble antioxidant available. It protects the body’s cells from oxidative stress (free radicals).

Certain fish oils are very high in vitamins A and D and have rich supplies of omega 3 fatty acids. These ingredients are top notch when it comes to offering health benefits to our bodies. So when you combine it with fish oil you are giving your body a serious serving of positive health benefits.

Studies suggest that fish oil and CoQ10 can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart attack. It may also help stop the build-up of plaque within your arteries. DHA, one of the acids found in fish oil is believed to give protection to neurons in your brain.

The American Heart Association recommends medication for heart patients using a combination of omega 3 fatty acids and COQ10 both of which can be found in a single capsule.
Most health professionals also recommend sensible diet and regular exercise.


Give Your Heart What It Needs For Optimum Performance

heart with stethascopeWe know that our heart has one of the highest energy requirements of any organ and not surprisingly uses the most CoQ10. Our level drops with age and particularly in patients with heart disease.

If your taking a statin medication such as Lipitor or Zocor (please read about CoQ10 and Statins,) your levels can drop even further. Hence the greater need for healthy supplements.


Getting Your Omega 3’s by Eating a Lot of Fish Can Be Dangerous

Filet of Pink SalmonIt’s a sad fact but true that a lot of fish we catch and eat today are contaminated with toxins from our polluted oceans. So eating large amounts of fish in order to get enough Omega 3 can not only be expensive but could cause you to ingest way too much mercury.

In such a situation, fish oil supplements can have a bigger and better impact on our health requirements. Supplements are filtered and tested to detect any heavy metal toxins making the capsules safe to consume.

Fish oil combined with Ubiquinol has the potential to do so many good things such as maintaining a normal heart rhythm, helping maintain healthy blood circulation and aiding your body’s anti-inflammatory responses.

Amid all the hype out there it’s refreshing to find supplements that actually have outstanding health benefits. It’s great to find them so affordable and so convenient to take. We can certainly make a difference to our health and in turn to our lifestyle.


The research behind fish oil indicates that within 3 days it can penetrate plaque build up in the arteries and soften it so it’s less likely to rupture and cause a heart attack.


If Your Looking For An Easier Way To Stay Healthy

Taking a fish oil supplement with Ubiquinol is one of the best ways to give your body what it needs. It provides a double punch of antioxidants for optimum health. We have found a few supplements that meet the requirements. Visit our reviews here.


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