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What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease progressively destroys the central nervous system. It causes rigid muscles, tremors and slowness of movement. It’s a devastating disease with more than a million Americans suffering from it.

There has now been some fascinating studies on Parkinson’s Disease Research.

In Parkinson’s there is a severe shortage of Dopamine. Parkinson’s disease is believed to be caused by free radical damage to the part of the brain that produces dopamine. It’s a chemical that enables all of us to move smoothly and normally.


Cell Energy Plays an Important Role

Picture of Active Brain CellsCoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant and also plays a big role in energy production throughout the body. It’s the cells energy consumption that researchers now believe plays a big role in the progression of the disease.

They also know that brain tissue in the region that produces dopamine is highly susceptible to free radical damage. The levels in patients with Parkinson’s is usually low, so the link between CoQ10 and Parkinson’s disease is showing increased interest.


Taking CoQ10 Supplements Can Bring Back Movement

In a study done in 2008 by Clifford W. Shults M.D., it was found that Parkinson’s patients that were given supplements responded well and had an increase in complex movement and activities. The data suggested that a lack of CoQ10 may play a major role in the cellular damage found in Parkinson’s patients and getting your levels back up with supplements may be a protective agent against the spread of the disease.


Keep Your CoQ10 Levels Up to Help Prevent Brain Diseases

CoQ10 benefitting the brainThe availability of this nutrient in your body declines with age, which makes us more vulnerable to diseases like Parkinson’s. Clinical studies show promising results for taking supplements.

It can help prevent and treat brain diseases like Parkinson’s. It helps protect your brain against free radicals and also helps to provide the energy your brain needs to function properly.

The depletion of so many brain-essential nutrients make it obvious why we need to supply our body with essential brain food and taking CoQ10 supplements along with a healthy diet is a great first step towards the prevention of brain disorders.



 January 22, 2013
Jan 222013
picture of woman suffering from migraine headache

Are you a migraine sufferer?

If you are, you know that it can be hard to prevent and treat these awful headaches. Chances are you have also tried everything under the sun- from prescription medications, to holistic treatments and even nutrition.

However there is one thing that many migraine suffers do not know- and that’s the latest information about CoQ10 for migraine relief.

Now naturally, if you’ve been dealing with migraines, you know they are so much more than a headache. Sensitivity to light and sound and even smell are common. Migraine sufferers often find themselves having to spend days in a dark room just to cope.

Traditional migraine medications can have side effects that many people just don’t like or tolerate, therefore many people are turning to this powerful nutrient for migraine help.


Proper Nutrition Isn’t Always Enough

shopping cart filled with foodOf course, you’ve probably tried other nutritional remedies with little success. Most diets and even other supplements don’t really help in decreasing attacks, nor do they tone down the severity. However, CoQ10 is different. It functions at the cellular level.

Mitochondrial dysfunction plays a role in migraine headaches by limiting oxygen metabolism. Researchers have successfully used supplenments in reducing the frequency of migraines.



Promising Results For Those Who Suffer From Migraines

In the 2002 April issue of the Journal of the International Headache Society, there were some interesting findings revealed from a four month trial.
The study showed that you could use CoQ10 for both the common migraine and the classic migraine. In this study a 50% reduction in migraine frequency was seen after five to twelve weeks. By the end of the trial, 61.3% of the participants saw their migraine frequency cut in half- 50%!

Bear in mind- these studies aren’t so much about using supplements as a treatment for getting rid of them but to try and stop them from occurring in the first place. While you might not be able to chase a migraine away with a supplement, reducing their frequency is what this nutrient is all about.


How Much Did They Take?

CoQ10 capsules in a jarIn the study that they published, the dosage was 150 mg of CoQ10 for migraines, daily. Now, when it came to side effects, the interesting thing was that it was well tolerated in doses of up to 600 mg a day with virtually no side effects.

The most commonly seen, and that being only at 1% of the test subjects, were gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea, nausea, and appetite suppression. My sister said she would take it just for the appetite suppression.


What Type of CoQ10 Should You Take?

They did not reveal the name of the brand they used, but the researchers as well as most doctors recommend you keep your dose from 30 – 100 mg. It’s also important to take them with lipids (fats) and not on an empty stomach or your body may not absorb it.

Fish Oil capsules are a great vehicle for CoQ10 supplements. The fatty acids (Omega 3) help to carry it to your body where it can be readily absorbed. Plus you will also get the added benefits that fish oil has to offer.


There is Finally Hope For a More Normal Life

picture of man with arms in the airThe findings were very hopeful for those who suffer from frequent migraines and wish to reduce their frequency, or even prevent them in the first place.

As a result of this study, doctors do recommend CoQ10 for migraines and they do feel that it is a safe method of prevention with a very low side effect profile. It is believed to be an excellent choice in the prevention of episodic migraines and is perfectly safe for people of all ages.

So, if you’ve been looking for something natural and safe that can help stop a migraine before it starts, why not consider giving CoQ10 for migraines a try? And when you combine it with fish oil, it’s a win-win situation.


What is The Best Supplement?

Taking a fish oil supplement is one of the best ways to get what you need for help for migraine relief. We have found an all natural fish oil combined with a pure form of Ubiquinol made by Kaneka in Japan. They are the only manufacturer of Ubiquinol.


 January 22, 2013
Jan 212013
image of depressed woman

Do You Suffer From Depression or Know Someone Who Does?

If you do you know how debilitating it can be. It’s not always a mental thing, it can very well stem from low energy. You can try a CoQ10 supplement and depression may start to lift.

It’s found in all the cells in our body.  It helps to spark the process that creates energy in our bodies.  If we don’t have enough of this happening, we can become tired. Depression can stem from this lack of energy.

If you can find a way to boost your energy you will feel like getting up and doing more. Normally this will help to also elevate your mood.

This is one of the advantages of taking a quality supplement. In fact CoQ10 is so good at recharging your body, it’s recommended you take it in the mornings and not at night because of this energizing factor.


Depression Treatment Can Include CoQ10

happy smile faceIf depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. In some cases it can also be from low energy. There is a chemical within our cells called ATP.

Electrons extracted from the food we eat are combined to make ATP. CoQ10 plays a starring role in this function.

It helps to increase the production of ATP. This in turn helps the cells carry oxygen to the muscles, thus energizing us.  If ATP is low then we are fatigued.

We need ATP to help us feel like getting up and moving around and to generally help us feel good.


Extra Benefits of Taking CoQ10

In addition to the benefit of helping to boost the production of ATP to help us feel better by being energized it helps with another muscle, the heart.  If a person has cardiovascular disease and is receiving treatments with drugs that help to lower high cholesterol these drugs have been questioned as to whether or not they hinder the body’s ability to make coenzyme Q10.

There have also been clinical studies showing the link between a deficiency of CoQ10 and Parkinson’s disease.


There is evidence that major depression goes hand in hand with an induction of inflammatory and oxidative stress pathways and by a deficiency in antioxidants. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that has anti-inflammatory effects.
– Prof. Dr. Michael Maes, MD., PhD



The Natural Way To Help Treat Depression

So considering the benefits of taking a supplement that contains Ubiquinol versus not taking it, I believe it’s worth a try.  Especially since it’s safe to take without any side effects. Where CoQ10 and depression are concerned, I would be more inclined to try the Ubiquinol supplement than adding another mood elevating drug.

Think long and hard about that. Anti-depressants are very addictive. You can’t just stop them, you have to wean from them.  For many they have a lot of unpleasant side-effects, like–lack of energy.  Ironic, huh?

When considering taking a supplement, you should ensure that the product is giving you the quality ingredients that your body can absorb. When researching all of the different brands out there we found one company that delivers the best ingredients available with a 100% guarantee. Go to our Best Brands page to see.


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Jul 102012
Elderly Couple with Alzheimer's Disease

Oxidative Stress has been implicated in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Having too many Free Radicals running around our bodies without enough Antioxidants to destroy them is a disease waiting to happen. Fortunately, Alzheimer’s treatment with CoQ10 is showing promising results.


Aging Is The Biggest Risk for Getting Alzheimer’s

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, fading memories and brain dysfunctions will become one of the major health challenges facing our world.  Most people are stricken with it after the age of 65 as our dopamine levels start to decline. Inflammation brought on by Oxidative stress is thought to be a very important cause of aging. Aging is the biggest risk factor in Alzheimer’s disease.

Roughly 10 percent (4 million) Americans are affected by this debilitating disease today. Sadly, many of those who have a family pattern of the disease can get it as early as 40 years old.

Alzheimer’s is a disease where the nerve cells in the brain start to malfunction and die off. Scientists have found patients with Alzheimer’s disease have a reduced level of an enzyme called “superoxide dismutase”. This is a crucial enzyme the brain uses for protection against free radicals.


Antioxidants Are Essential For Protecting the Brain

Due to the lack of this natural antioxidant support the brain now has a higher sensitivity to free radicals. This deficiency starts to accelerate the aging process in the brain. The result is:

  • Memory Loss
  • Mental Confusion
  • Severe Dementia

A study done on mice by the Department of Neurology in New York shown here shows that treating Alzheimer’s with CoQ10 supplements reduces oxidative stress and a decrease plaque formed in the brain.

Reading the whole article would probably put you to sleep but it does show that supplementation increased the ability of patients to understand better, along with improvements in learning capabilities.

It’s important to know that as we age, our brains require nutritional support for the protection of brain cells and the central nervous system. It’s showing great promise in Alzheimer’s treatment. It’s also is an effective anti-aging remedy that offers a better quality of life as we grow older.


The Future of Affordable Healthcare is in Trouble

The cost of healthcare is going through the roof and leaving us to wonder who’s going to pay for it. We are all realizing that the world’s governments may not be able to provide the healthcare we need in our retirement years.

So, I decided a few years back that I was going to eat better, exercise and fortify my body with powerful anti-oxidants that will protect my body from Oxidative Stress for the rest of my life.
By starting now in my 50’s, I hope to not only live longer but enjoy life without debilitating diseases well into my 80’s and 90’s.

I use and recommend Omega 3/QH Ultra by XtendLife. It’s ingredients are sourced from the untouched environment of New Zealand, which is free from contaminants. New Zealand is a country that takes its environment very seriously.

If you want to protect yourself from the diseases of aging then make Omega 3/QH Ultra a part of your everyday regiment for a long and happy life.


You’ve Heard This Before: “Prevention is the Best Medicine”

I’m at high risk for inflammatory diseases like Alzheimer’s and Heart disease, so my doctor told me to start taking a fish oil supplement with coq10. I spent a lot of time reading about different supplements and found one that includes fish oil and 3 powerful antioxidants which eliminate free radicals that can cause low-grade inflammation.

It’s called Omega 3/QH Ultra and I know it’s making a difference because my cholesterol and triglycerides have dropped to normal levels within a few months of taking this powerful supplement.

Prevention is the best and cheapest medicine. A chronic disease like Alzheimer’s can be very expensive and can suck the life right out of you. I certainly don’t want to put the burden of taking care of me anyone. I hope you will take the time to take care of yourself.

Here is the link to our recommendation page for the Best CoQ10 we have found.



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