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CoQ10 benefitting the brain

The answer to “does CoQ10 give you energy?” is yes. It’s a fundamental nutrient in energy production. It keeps your cells running smoothly. A deficiency can give you an energy crash.

There are many people who are deficient and can’t understand why they feel so run down. Low levels can impact your health in a bad way and scientists are starting to find out that it may play a big role in how we age.

The cells in your body need energy to perform the complex tasks they do for the body, such as producing hormones, contracting muscles, fighting off viruses and breaking down food. They also have to continuously get rid of the waste your body produces.

All of these things require energy, without enough; your body becomes unable to cope with all of the work it needs to stay healthy. The inbox keeps getting full while the outbox fills up even higher.


CoQ10 – Defense Against Disease and Premature Aging

drawing of man blocking free radicalsCoQ10 has a duel role. It provides the spark that allows your cells to create energy and it also acts as a powerful antioxidant. I’m sure you have been hearing about them on Talk Shows and advertisements.

Antioxidants gobble up free radicals. You have probably also heard of free radicals before and have wondered what they are. They are basically what’s left over after your body converts food and oxygen into energy. A “free” electron breaks off of the oxygen atom during this process and starts to wander on its own looking for other electrons to attach to.

This happens many times a day and if you don’t have enough antioxidants available to fight them off then these little terrorists can accumulate and engulf your tissues and organs and cause internal inflammation. New science and research is showing that Free Radicals are one of the main causes of disease and premature aging.


The Effects of Modern Life

polluted water flowing from pipeThere are other sources of free radicals that we are exposed to. Our modern lives have produced higher stress levels which take a toll on our immune system. We breathe in car exhaust and some of us smoke cigarettes.

Our western diets have been stripped of vital nutrients in the way they are processed. All of these things contribute to an increase of free radical buildup in our bodies. This is why it’s more important than ever to make sure we are supplying our bodies with enough antioxidants to fight off these wild and dangerous radicals.


Eating Right Is Harder Than You Think

shopping cart filled with foodYou could get antioxidants from the food you eat if you cut out most of what is readily available to us and started to eat more vegetables, whole grains and stayed away from processed foods. However, I know from our own efforts that this is easier said than done.

It’s go…go…go all day long and we have found that it takes more time to prepare this kind of food than our family has. We try to prepare healthy nutritious meals on the weekends when we have the time to do it but I have to admit, like most families, it’s all to easy to order a pizza, grab some fast food or eat out at a restaurant that serves foods that are bad for us.

We have made some progress in changing our diet, which is a great first step but we realize that we need help and taking supplements ensures that we are getting what our bodies need even when we aren’t eating right.

So, we are now taking supplements to help us get CoQ10 and other antioxidants we need for energy and good health. I suppose if my wife would quit her job and dedicate herself to cooking wholesome meals with fresh ingredients, we could skip the supplements. But that isn’t going to happen. We need her income.

Does CoQ10 give you energy and fight disease? Yes. Fortunately, there are some excellent supplements available. I researched different brands and found Omega 3/QH Ultra. It has everything I need combined with a premium fish oil. So it’s good for my heart as well. Fish oil has been proven to help with plaque buildup in the arteries.

For more information on CoQ10 read these interesting questions and answers about Free Radicals.



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spark plug for energy generation image

Bioenergetics Uses CoQ10 For Energy

To give it its full name, Coenzyme Q10 is a compound found in virtually every human cell. We produce it naturally and can top up supplies through our diet in such foods as fish and red meat.

Energy is the most important function of CoQ10. The term “bioenergetics” is used to describe cellular energy. The energy our bodies produce is generated in the mitochondria (the powerful furnace that exists in our cells).

The best way to describe the process is picturing this powerful nutrient as the spark plug and ATP as the fuel. It’s this generation of energy that keeps us alive.

If our bodies are functioning on low levels, it would be similar to running your car on faulty spark plugs. You would just sputter along feeling tired all the time.

Your body running with low levels will lead to the weakening of all your natural defenses against disease and premature aging.


Our Bodies Demand Lots of Energy

You’ll find the greater concentration of COQ10 in three of our vital organs – our liver, lungs and heart. These organs are continuously working in your body, they don’t take much of a rest. Naturally these organs gobble up plenty of power so it’s not just handy, it’s essential. We all need energy to stay alive and COQ10 helps our bodies boost energy.


How to Boost Energy To Protect Against Aging

But it’s more than just a source of energy production. It also acts as an antioxidant helping to fight off Free Radicals and improve our immune system, slowing down the aging process and can even give protection to our brain cells. This is a seriously important and beneficial compound.

Healthy levels give protection to your cells and enable you to better handle and recover from exercise. Your energy levels are seriously called on when you take part in healthy exercise. This may cause stress within your cells but any such stress is removed or reduced thanks to a healthy level.

But life holds many challenges. As we age we have a greater need for energy yet nature decrees that from about the age of 40 we start to suffer a drop in our levels. Just when we need to generate energy we find our supply is dropping.


Most doctors either haven’t heard of CoQ10 or just ignore its importance. This is unfortunate because simply increasing our levels in the body pays off with big health, energy, and therapeutic dividends.
Fortunately it’s available as an energy supplement called Ubiquinol. It’s a copy of what your body makes naturally. It’s safe to take and unlike prescription medicine, you don’t develop bad side effects from taking it.



Replace The CoQ10 Your Body Has Stopped Making

Sometimes our natural ability to produce this nutrient plus added supplies from a proper diet is just not enough. As you start to age production starts to decline and if you don’t have enough, then you might not produce as much energy as you did when you were younger. This may help to explain why older people slow down.

COQ10 is popular within the mainstream of medical practice. Because energy levels are very important to everyone’s good health and because natural energy levels decline with age, boosting this vital compound is essential.


Lasting Energy is Possible

You can feel better and more energetic and be better all at the same time by giving your levels a kick in the butt. Just be sure you don’t take it at night before going to bed or you could be awake all night.

To find out more information on how Ubiquinol can provide you with more natural energy than other supplements then look at our review page and visit the product web sites.


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Healthy Jumping LadyIt’s much easier to understand how CoQ10 and energy production are related if you know where in the body it helps to generate all of this power. This powerful nutrient resides in all of your cells that contain a nucleus. (Eukaryotic).

The nucleus in these cells contains DNA. They also contain mitochondria that work like little power plants, creating most of the cell’s energy.

This is where it does its work, helping to convert food into energy.

While doing this task, it also operates as an antioxidant, which eats up the free radicals that are left over after energy is produced.



There is a Link Between CoQ10 and Energy Levels

An imbalance in any part of this energy generating process may contribute, over time, to the malfunction of cells, tissues, organs and eventually the entire body. It’s for this reason that keeping your levels up is essential to maintain this vital energy life force.

The problem most of us have is that after the age of 40, the body’s ability to produce and convert enough of this nutrient on its own starts to diminish.

Fortunately, we can now resupply our levels with supplements that are available in a pure form (Ubiquinol), which can be used by your body now without having to be converted. Most supplements contain Ubiquinone. You also get this type from some of the foods you eat.

However, as we stated earlier, our bodies have a hard time making and converting Ubiquinone to Ubiquinol as we get older. It has been suggested that this is one of the reasons why we have less energy in our old age.


I Found a Great CoQ10 Supplement

Ubiquinol is the converted, ready to use form of CoQ10. We have found a few products that match up to their claims. They use Ubiquinol with other valuable antioxidants, giving you the best supplement for your money.



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Jul 112012

When was the last time you heard about the latest innovations in cancer treatment options? Of course, you probably have and you’ve probably wondered if there wasn’t a more natural method of prevention or perhaps a treatment that is virtually free of side effects. Cancer research with CoQ10 is being done and showing promising results.

It’s useful in treating cancer because it boosts the immune system and may prevent the growth of cancers cells. As an antioxidant, it may also prevent cancer from developing in the first place.


Our Bodies Are Under Attack

polluted water flowing from pipeStatistics indicate that cancer is expected to be the number one killer of men and women in the next three years, knocking heart disease out of the number one spot for the first time. There are thousands of chemicals around us that can stress out our immune system.

Household cleaners, dry cleaning chemicals, car exhaust, the water we drink and the air we breathe, all contain environmental toxins that invade our body every day. The treatment of cancer, a disease that can be caused by an overtaxed immune system, has encouraged research into the application of supplements.


Research Has Shown Great Benefits From CoQ10

Female Cancer PatientThere have been a number of studies conducted in terms of the use of CoQ10 as a dietary supplement for those dealing with the more conventional cancer treatment options.

The application of supplements have been shown to reduce tumor size as well as increase survival in mice exposed to chemical carcinogens. Its use was explored in terms of it being an adjuvant therapy, not as a sole therapy. There are three studies of note that we’ll explore here.

1. In Denmark, 32 breast cancer patients were given a number of dietary supplements including CoQ10 and the results were impressive. Of those patients, six reported remission effects, but all of those who participated reported improvement in quality of life, decreased need for painkillers, and weight stabilization during the course of the treatment.

2. The second study we will discuss involves three breast cancer patients as well. They were given high doses of CoQ10 cancer supplementation for a period of 3-5 years. One of those patients had no evidence of breast cancer remaining after her surgery, one had complete remission of a cancer that had spread to her liver and the other had remission of her cancer that had spread to her chest wall.

3. In the third amazing study we’ll discuss, an Italian group of researchers tested children who had lymphoma or leukemia. One of these groups was given the standard chemotherapy treatment but also given CoQ10 cancer supplementation. The other was treated without the supplements. Those in the CoQ10 group showed a clear protective impact of supplementation on their cardiac function.


Medical Research on CoQ10 and Cancer TreatmentFor all of its other exciting and promising health benefits, this one seems most significant. Supplementation is something that is getting a strong interest by the scientific community.

The evidence does suggest that it has a strongly positive impact on patient’s battle with cancer. When used in tandem with current cancer treatment protocols, this powerhouse of a coenzyme is showing results.

Dr. Karl Folkers, a scientist and one of the main investigators of CoQ10. He suggests that there is a biochemical explanation for CoQ10’s role in the development and treatment of cancer.

His studies confirmed deficiencies in cancer patients. He found deficiencies in the blood of 83 patients in the United States who had cancer of the breast, lung, prostate, pancreas, colon, stomach and rectum. The fact that cancers respond to treatment, suggest that it does have a biochemical relationship to cancer. This article also supports these findings.

We are not saying that CoQ10 is a miracle cure for cancer but the studies being done in this area are very inspiring.

So now that you’re armed with this exciting knowledge of CoQ10 cancer treatment, it’s time to see if this might benefit you or someone you care about. With so many benefits and virtually no side effects, this may just be something that helps. Select the link to find more info on taking these supplements.


So What’s The Best CoQ10 Supplement?

One of the best supplements we have found is from a pure and natural fish oil called Omega 3/QH Ultra which is combined with a pure form of Ubiquinol and manufactured by Kaneka in Japan.

By using Omega 3/QH Ultra you will be getting a premium fish oil supplement that is high in Omega 3 fatty acids, Lycopene and Ubiquinol. Your blood levels will stay higher for longer. So give your body what it needs to survive our toxic environment.



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woman taking pill for inflammation

I’m Sure You’ve Heard It Before

Don’t forget to take your vitamins! When it comes to reducing internal inflammation, taking Anti Inflamamtion supplements is good advice.

They can help keep inflammation under control and reduce the pain of existing inflammation.

This article is going to show you the most important vitamins your supplement should contain for fighting this silent killer.



Multivitamins have been shown to reduce the risk of diseases and trips to the hospital.
(This also reduces the pain of high medical bills.)


Getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need from food can be difficult. Our modern diets don’t deliver enough of the nutrients we need on a daily basis. Supplements don’t act as fast as drugs like Vioxx but vitamins work without side effects. They are something you take every day to fill the gaps in your normal diet.


Let’s Look at the Most Important Vitamins For Inflammation:

  • B Vitamins – B6, B9 and B12 are at the top of the list of vitamins that help control inflammation. B6 is often prescribed at high doses to people suffering from arthritis. It shrinks the inflamed membranes around the joints. A doctor should monitor taking high doses.


  • Vitamin D – helps with high blood pressure, osteoporosis, cancer and many autoimmune diseases brought on by inflammation. It helps your body to absorb calcium and reduces gingivitis.


  • Vitamin E – has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It has been proven to help reduce the risk of Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and Arthritis. Alpha-Tocopherol and synthetic forms of vitamin E can actually increase the risk of heart disease when taken in high amounts. Look for natural sources of Vitamin E that come from vegetable oils and almonds.


  • Magnesium – Every system in your body depends on magnesium. It plays an important role in Heart Health, Nervous System, Digestive System and your Brain. It helps your blood pressure stay low and helps alleviate inflammatory diseases like Diabetes, Obesity and High Cholesterol. Look for Magnesium Citrate in your multivitamin; your body absorbs it better.


68% of Americans don’t come close to getting enough Magnesium through their diets.


Those are the vitamins that top the list for what should be in your anti inflammation supplements but that doesn’t mean you should stop there. The supplement you take should also include antioxidants and other minerals. A quality multivitamin that covers all the nutrients your body needs should be part of any anti-inflammatory program. Fish Oil is another supplement with great anti-inflammatory benefits.

It’s like putting on body armor against disease. Besides, taking a few pills every morning is one of the easiest things you can do to protect yourself. It’s definitely easier than exercising but that’s a subject for another article.


The Time For Change is Now

"ImageI’m about to turn fifty next year and I really need to pay attention to inflammation and the diseases associated with it. My dad died of a major heart attack when he was 55. He had all kinds of inflammation in his body. He suffered from diabetes, obesity, he smoked and didn’t eat right.

That isn’t going to happen to me. I have been exercising, eating better and taking a multivitamin called Total Balance by XtendLife. Eating right and exercising are the hard part but taking a good multivitamin is the easiest thing you can do to extend your lifespan.

I did a lot of research on vitamin supplements and when it comes to the healthiest supplements, XtendLife is truly the best.
The source of everything they produce comes from New Zealand, which is far away from all of the world’s pollution.

Total Balance has all of the nutrients my body needs along with powerful antioxidants like CoQ10, Astaxanthin, Lycopene and Resveratrol.
I really like this vitamin. I don’t want to take 20 pills to get all the nutrients I need. I can take 4 of these Total Balance tablets and be set for the day.

That is why I take Total Balance and why you should take it also.



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Elderly Couple with Alzheimer's Disease

Oxidative Stress has been implicated in the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Having too many Free Radicals running around our bodies without enough Antioxidants to destroy them is a disease waiting to happen. Fortunately, Alzheimer’s treatment with CoQ10 is showing promising results.


Aging Is The Biggest Risk for Getting Alzheimer’s

As the Baby Boomer generation ages, fading memories and brain dysfunctions will become one of the major health challenges facing our world.  Most people are stricken with it after the age of 65 as our dopamine levels start to decline. Inflammation brought on by Oxidative stress is thought to be a very important cause of aging. Aging is the biggest risk factor in Alzheimer’s disease.

Roughly 10 percent (4 million) Americans are affected by this debilitating disease today. Sadly, many of those who have a family pattern of the disease can get it as early as 40 years old.

Alzheimer’s is a disease where the nerve cells in the brain start to malfunction and die off. Scientists have found patients with Alzheimer’s disease have a reduced level of an enzyme called “superoxide dismutase”. This is a crucial enzyme the brain uses for protection against free radicals.


Antioxidants Are Essential For Protecting the Brain

Due to the lack of this natural antioxidant support the brain now has a higher sensitivity to free radicals. This deficiency starts to accelerate the aging process in the brain. The result is:

  • Memory Loss
  • Mental Confusion
  • Severe Dementia

A study done on mice by the Department of Neurology in New York shown here shows that treating Alzheimer’s with CoQ10 supplements reduces oxidative stress and a decrease plaque formed in the brain.

Reading the whole article would probably put you to sleep but it does show that supplementation increased the ability of patients to understand better, along with improvements in learning capabilities.

It’s important to know that as we age, our brains require nutritional support for the protection of brain cells and the central nervous system. It’s showing great promise in Alzheimer’s treatment. It’s also is an effective anti-aging remedy that offers a better quality of life as we grow older.


The Future of Affordable Healthcare is in Trouble

The cost of healthcare is going through the roof and leaving us to wonder who’s going to pay for it. We are all realizing that the world’s governments may not be able to provide the healthcare we need in our retirement years.

So, I decided a few years back that I was going to eat better, exercise and fortify my body with powerful anti-oxidants that will protect my body from Oxidative Stress for the rest of my life.
By starting now in my 50’s, I hope to not only live longer but enjoy life without debilitating diseases well into my 80’s and 90’s.

I use and recommend Omega 3/QH Ultra by XtendLife. It’s ingredients are sourced from the untouched environment of New Zealand, which is free from contaminants. New Zealand is a country that takes its environment very seriously.

If you want to protect yourself from the diseases of aging then make Omega 3/QH Ultra a part of your everyday regiment for a long and happy life.


You’ve Heard This Before: “Prevention is the Best Medicine”

I’m at high risk for inflammatory diseases like Alzheimer’s and Heart disease, so my doctor told me to start taking a fish oil supplement with coq10. I spent a lot of time reading about different supplements and found one that includes fish oil and 3 powerful antioxidants which eliminate free radicals that can cause low-grade inflammation.

It’s called Omega 3/QH Ultra and I know it’s making a difference because my cholesterol and triglycerides have dropped to normal levels within a few months of taking this powerful supplement.

Prevention is the best and cheapest medicine. A chronic disease like Alzheimer’s can be very expensive and can suck the life right out of you. I certainly don’t want to put the burden of taking care of me anyone. I hope you will take the time to take care of yourself.

Here is the link to our recommendation page for the Best CoQ10 we have found.



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Jul 042012
Statins for cholesterol

Read This if You Are Taking a Statin Drug

Let’s take a look at the relationship between CoQ10 and statins. If you are struggling with high cholesterol or are at high risk for heart disease (Cardiovascular Atherosclerosis), chances are you take statins. These drugs are designed primarily to slow the production of cholesterol by the liver.

This makes statin drugs extremely effective at lowering the “bad” cholesterol in the bloodstream.


There Is a Hidden Danger With Statins Like Lipitor.
They Also Lower Important CoQ10 Levels


Here’s What Happens When You Take a Statin

Coenzyme Q10 is also produced by the liver, so when statins work to stop the production of the cholesterol it also affects the production of this nutrient. Blood levels can be reduced by up to 40%. It’s like spraying your garden with a very strong weed killer. You will end up killing some of your beautiful flowers along with the weeds.

You need to combine your statins with a high quality supplement like Omega 3/QH Ultra. It’s the only way to ensure that your body has adequate amounts at all times. Take a look at an excerpt of this study done on Statin Intolerance in India.


So, What’s So Important About CoQ10?

Puzzle piece with CoQ10So, what happens when your body stops producing adequate amounts of CoQ10? This can happen naturally as you age, so you don’t need the extra help of statin drugs to deplete your supplies even more. Coenzyme Q10 makes cells stronger, more energized, and more able to combat a wide range of diseases, and perhaps even prevent degenerative diseases that develop over long periods of time.

Any person taking a statin should take supplements. The problem is that these drugs are big business and doctors aren’t telling their patients about the connection. A lot of people are taking statins and could be slowly harming their health, which will show up later in life.


Here is Some Disturbing News

A study published in the American Journal of Cardiology showed that Statins can produce Heart Problems in subjects that have no history of heart issues.

In patients with poor cardiac pump function, Statins can reduce the function further and generate outright heart failure.

This was first reported in 1990 and again in 2004. Some clinicians believe that widespread statin use has contributed to the soaring incidence of heart failure in the United States. Fortunately there is an answer

“It is extremely important that physicians be aware of the potential for statins to adversely affect CoQ10 levels. This effect certainly has major implications and ramifications for patients with cardiac disease”. Cardiologist – Stephen Sinatra


Giving Your Body What it Needs

The only way to make sure that your body gets what it needs while you are taking drugs for high cholesterol is to give statins their natural companion: CoQ10 supplements. You have to make sure the supplement is high quality and that it offers the right form. There are two different forms found on the market today:

  • Ubiquinol
  • Ubiquinone

Ubiquinone isn’t absorbed by your body as well as Ubiquinol but it was the form of CoQ10 used in supplements for many years because Ubiquinol is difficult to keep stable in pill form.

Today, the technology is better and the best supplements are emerging with the more powerful Ubiquinol and those are the supplements you should be taking with your statins. We found that Xtend Life provides Ubiquinol that can be found in their high quality fish oil supplement.


Fish Oil Supplements Combined With CoQ10

fish oil supplements in a spoonAs it turns out, statin drugs don’t usually target and reduce triglycerides and this is important because too much of it in your blood stream may cause hardening of the arteries. The majority of people taking statins also need to take a fish oil supplement in order to fight high triglycerides.

People with High Blood Pressure can also benefit from supplements. You can get the best results from supplements that combine high quality fish oil with Ubiquinol (CoQ10). The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil make a perfect solution to carry it to your body.

In my view it’s medical malpractice to prescribe a statin drug without recommending the patient take a CoQ10 supplement. – Dr. Mercola


It’s The Clear Choice When Only The Best Will Do

Here is something important to know; most fish oils on the market have ubiqui(none) not ubiqui(nol). Ubiquinone is an oxidized version of CoQ10 and your body has to convert it to ubiquinol. We have found a pure and natural fish oil called Omega 3/QH Ultra it’s supplemented with ubiquinol from Kaneka in Japan. They were the original developers.

By using Omega 3/QH Ultra you will be getting a premium fish oil supplement with Ubiquinol. Your blood levels of CoQ10 will stay higher for longer and that is what’s important.



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Jun 042012
feet standing on scale for weight

Do You Have a Tendency To Become Overweight?

The tendency to become overweight can be associated with your body’s inability to produce energy as you get older.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who are struggling to shed excess unsightly and unhealthy weight or are just trying to maintain your current weight, then you need to know about natural weight loss supplements.

Obesity is one of the most prevalent and deadly health conditions plaguing America today; every year, thousands of lives are lost to complications arising from unhealthy body weight.


Extreme Diets Can Make Obesity Worse

overweight woman zipping up pantsIt seems that many people are willing to try just about anything to prevail in the “Battle of the Bulge”, but so many of the “quick-fix” weight loss solutions available either fizzle entirely or carry more health risks than obesity. People are desperate for a valid weight loss solution that is both healthy and effective.

Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean offers a means of finally helping to conquer body fat in a healthy way, helping users shed pound after pound and keep it off!



What is Garcinia Cambogia?

It’s also known as Malabar tamarind or Goroka fruit, contains an organic compound called hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that possesses several actions useful in helping to manage body weight.


Healthy Weight Loss

woman measuring her waistHealthy weight management is a step in the right direction toward better health as it can help to lower risk factors for many diseases. However, it is only one piece of the puzzle and needs to be combined with high quality nutritional supplements for maximum benefits on health and wellbeing. See this information on Garcinia Cambogia.


You Can Recharge Your Health With Supplements

Everyone responds differently and the results will vary. However, when partnered with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will hopefully experience some benefit over the first month. As Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean have been shown to slow down conversion of carbohydrates to fat, individuals on a low carbohydrate diet may take longer to notice a difference. There has not been sufficient research on the effects of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean on pregnant or nursing women. We cannot recommend the use of this product while pregnant or nursing.




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Jun 022012
small asian child

CoQ10 Children Safety Concerns

CoQ10 children supplements seem like a harmless thing, since this enzyme is produced naturally within every cell of the human body. Children actually have more of this substance than adults, since production tends to slow down with age.

Yet, there has been a bit of controversy over whether supplements should be used for children. Some resources will say that you should never give the supplement to children, while others cite cases where it has been used effectively to treat certain illnesses.


Healthy Children Don’t Need a Supplement

The general consensus seems to be that healthy children do not need to take a supplement. Since they naturally have an adequate supply of the substance in their bodies and are hopefully eating healthy foods that supply a bit more on a daily basis, they really do not have anything to gain by introducing a supplement into their bodies.

Since the use of the substance in children hasn’t been studied to a great extent, parents should always check with their pediatricians before giving children the supplement.


CoQ10 Can Help Children Fight Disease

For the most part, the cases where children do successfully take the supplement tend to be with unhealthy children. When taking CoQ10 children with select diseases often do show some benefits. Many of the children treated have mitochondrial diseases, which are typically genetic. Others have very rare diseases that come with symptoms that can be relieved to some extent through the use of a supplement.


CoQ10 Will Help Their Bodies Create Energy More Efficiently

Children lying down in leavesMitochondrial diseases are those that affect the mitochondria of the body. The simplest way to understand mitochondria is to think of them as small machines inside every cell of the body busily turning food into ATP to be used for energy. Without the work of these little machines, food consumed is not properly processed and converted into energy. That is why they are needed in all cells of the body (except in red blood cells).

When taking CoQ10 children with mitochondrial diseases receive extra assistance keeping the body full of those little machines (mitochondria). This can help them convert food better and can help relieve some of the discomforts of their disease.

Children who suffer from rare diseases that raise the cholesterol levels unnaturally may also use this supplement, since it is a natural cholesterol lowering substance. Some other rare diseases naturally correspond with low levels in the body, so a supplement is taken to bring levels back up to an acceptable range. Still others may use the substance to increase energy levels if a disease affects energy.


Autistic Children May Benefit From CoQ10 Supplement

autistic child behind glassCoQ10 is being used to treat autistic children as well. It’s believed that children with autism may be more vulnerable to free radicals inside the body. Since it’s a powerful antioxidant, it makes sense that a supplement can help control the free radicals inside a child’s body. This should always be cleared with a pediatrician before a supplement is given to a child.

It is important to keep in mind that dosages of this supplement will be different for a child than for an adult. Most bottles will only give recommended dosages for adults, so the dosage for a child must be cleared with a medical doctor.

Parents should never assume that half an adult dose is appropriate for a child. When taking CoQ10 children should be supervised by a medical professional.


Provide Your Child With Natural Nourishment?

mitochondrial cellsTaking a supplement designed specifically for children is one of the best ways to give their bodies what they need for optimum health.

There are so many toxins out in the world that our kids can be exposed to but when they take a supplement that provides all the nutrients they may be missing, then I feel better about their chances of staying healthy. We have found an all natural supplement called TotalBalance for Children.

It provides many other vitamins and antioxidants to boost your child’s immune system and to help prevent diseases that are associated with nutrient deficiencies. It also comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Go to Xtendlife.com to read more about it.



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Jun 012012

A combination of factors, nutrition, supplements and lifestyle can have a tremendous overall health impact if you’re looking to build muscle mass. You want something that not only helps to improve your muscles but promotes heart health as well. That’s why CoQ10 is considered to be the best bodybuilding supplement.

Most serious bodybuilders agree that using products that closely match naturally occurring nutrients and enzymes is the preferred way to nourish the body.


Our Cells Need Certain Nutrients To Work Properly


It’s responsible for sparking the creation of energy in our cells. Because the body creates coenzyme Q10 naturally, it can have a very beneficial effect on most forms of exercise and bodybuilding. The medical field many times overlooks the importance of supporting energy production in individual muscle cells and the preservation of mitochondria in those cells.

Without sufficient nutrients like CoQ10 and L-carnitine to transport fatty acids into muscle cells and remove toxic metabolites out, cells will work inefficiently and can’t produce the energy needed fast enough.


Professional Athletes Know the Advantage of Quality Supplements

woman exercising and lifting weightsSupplementation is generally seen as a great way to improve athletic performance, in general, but there may be some more significant reasons why CoQ10 bodybuilding and nutrition are important.
Supplementation has been documented to show significant improvement in all types of athletic performance, not just bodybuilding.

So, if you’re looking to get into better shape, it can be a great supplement for you to take. The reason it works so well for bodybuilders and athletes is the reason that it can work for anyone who’d like to trim and tone. This nutrient has shown an improvement in exercise capacity and endurance in those who use it.


CoQ10 To The Rescue

Because it also plays a very important role in the way that the body metabolizes protein and fat molecules, it has enormous potential for those looking to be more active and see the results of their efforts. Both of these things are huge factors in the way that new muscle tissue is built, so, CoQ10, bodybuilding and a structured work out routine is important.

There is also the benefit of the coenzyme in respect to oxidative stress. When we engage in activities that really work the muscles, such as weight lifting, tissue and muscles deal with oxidative stress and this can be detrimental. The human body is constantly reacting with oxygen and this exposes it to free radicals. When they interact with other molecules within the cells, this can cause damage. It gobbles up these free radicals helping to prevent cellular damage.


More Energy = Better Workouts

man lifting weights for bodybuilding


Enter CoQ10 to the rescue. Being a powerful antioxidant, it helps by moderating the levels of oxidative damaged that can be caused during strength training and other athletic activities.
When weight training or other strength training, muscles have to really contract, and they have to do so in rapid sets.

This nutrient has a very strong role in those chemical processes that are involved when you do contract the muscles. Those who supplement with CoQ10 often notice a terrific benefit in their endurance and the results they get from their strength training.

Find a good supplement that will help you to perform your very best, build the muscle mass you desire and improve overall health.





 June 1, 2012