Cardiovascular Statistics: Tragedy Behind The Numbers

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Cardiovascular statistics are frightening and warrant attention from those who are concerned about their health. Knowing this information will help you make healthy decisions. Because if you don’t have good health, you end up a slave to whatever disease you have. It’s important to learn about what you can do to avoid falling into some dangerous but common health traps.


Scary Numbers To Know About Heart Disease

Heart Disease is a major problem, and is one of the most common cardiovascular conditions in the United States. The Center For Disease Control says that in 2009, Heart Disease was the cause of a whopping 26% of deaths. That translates to one in every four deaths.

This is also the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States. Not only is the high rate of death very tragic, but it’s also costly. Between the loss of productivity, healthcare costs, and medications, Heart Disease costs The United States $316.4 billion.


What Puts Us At Risk For Heart Disease?

man eating heart healthy foodThere is evidence that shows lowering blood cholesterol can reduce your risk of death from various cardiac-related diseases. Reducing blood pressure is another way to avoid this risk.

There are also some lifestyle and environmental risk factors that increase your chances of dying from a heart attack. Luckily, you have control over these factors. They include:

  • Smoking: Occurring in 20.8% of adults
  • Inactivity: Occurring in 39.5% of adults
  • Obesity: Occurring in 33.9% of adults
  • High blood pressure: Occurring in 30.5% of adults

Almost half of the deaths from a heart attack happened outside of a hospital. This fact implies that many people do not recognize the early signs of a heart attack. It’s easier for men to know the signs but heart attack symptoms in women can be different.


Avoiding Cardiovascular Disease Involves Some Basic Steps

These cardiovascular statistics show how important it’s to keep your body in good health. You can reduce your risks by:

  • Getting Active
  • Eating Better
  • Getting Annual Exams
  • Taking Fish Oil Supplements

CoQ10 with Omega 3 is great for your cardiovascular system, and has been proven effective at lowering high blood pressure. You don’t have to become another statistic, do what is necessary to maintain your good health.

By knowing the statistics of cardiovascular diseases, you can understand just how serious of a problem this is for the United States. It causes many deaths and costs the country billions of dollars. There are risk factors that increase the likelihood of you having cardiovascular disease. Understand the risks behind this common ailment, and know what you can do to maintain a healthy body.


What’s The Best Supplement For Your Cardiovascular System?

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