Help Prevent Cardiovascular Artery Disease

heart chart showing artery disease

CoQ10 offers impressive benefits against cardiovascular artery disease. It won’t unclog your arteries but it can help protect you from getting clogged arteries in the first place.

Diagnosis of CAD usually starts with the patient feeling the symptoms of heart disease, such as: Shortness of breath and Chest pain (angina)

These symptoms are often noticed during periods of intense exercise or activity. It may also be noticed when a patient becomes worked up emotionally, since the heart must beat faster during an intense emotional moment. Whenever the heart is forced to beat faster, whether due to physical activity or stress, that’s when you may detect that something is wrong.


Understanding Cardiovascular Disease

drawing of clogged arteryCardiovascular artery disease is the form of heart disease caused by plaque building up along the walls of the arteries going into the heart. These arteries exchange blood flow between the heart and other organs of the body, so it is a major problem when they collect plaque and start to block the arteries.

Too much plaque accumulation, and the blood is unable to flow in and out of the heart as freely as it needs to for optimal functioning.
In a moment of stress, the increased amount of blood needed to sustain the advanced heart rate is unable to reach the heart. This is what causes shortness of breath and classic angina.


Diagnosing Cardiovascular Artery Disease

The cardiovascular statistics for those dying of heart disease in the United States aren’t good. Diagnosis of this disease starts with the patient recognizing the signs of heart disease in most cases. Those who don’t recognize the signs or who experience no signs are often diagnosed in the hospital at the time of a heart attack.

This is a more advanced stage of the disease, where the blockage is severe and the heart is unable to get the blood supply it needs to maintain daily functioning, exercise, and other stresses that increase the heart rate.

It’s best for patients to pick up on the earlier signs of the disease and see their doctor for a diagnosis. Many doctors will not officially diagnose cardiovascular disease until there has been some serious sign of trouble, such as angina or severe shortness of breath. Yet, it’s still beneficial to notify a doctor as early on as possible.

They can help patients determine a plan of cardiovascular treatment to prevent the blockage from getting worse. In some cases, procedures can be performed to clear the artery before a heart attack is experienced.


Man having a Stress TestDiagnosis will often follow these steps, though it may vary depending on the symptoms being experienced, the patient’s medical history, and the doctor doing the testing.

Once the potential symptoms have been evaluated and a complete medical history has been considered, the doctor may go forward with initial testing. This often includes an electrocardiogram and a stress test.

If the doctor suspects there may be cardiac problems, he may have some more invasive testing performed. This often includes catheterization and angiography. This is a procedure where a catheter is placed into the artery so a dye can be sprayed. Any plaque blocking the artery will then be visible in an x-ray.

Those at high risk of cardiovascular artery disease do not have to wait until a problem arises to start protecting their heart. There are some supplements that can be taken to strengthen the heart and potentially prevent some plaque accumulation in the arteries. A healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and low fat foods can also be adopted.


Take a Supplement Made for Good Heart Health

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Even if you treat a heart patient with a conventional drug, the deficiency still remains. “There is no cardiovascular drug that can do for the human body what CoQ10 can do.” – Martin Zucker – Cardiologist.




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