Reduce Your Blood Pressure Medication Naturally

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Most physicians would agree that high blood pressure is a serious risk factor for heart attacks and strokes. CoQ10 Blood Pressure treatments go a long way to reducing the medications you have to take.

There are about 75 medications for blood pressure on the market to treat this deadly disease. The challenge for any physician is to balance good blood pressure with the side effects of the medications. This can be a delicate and tricky business.


Most of the common side effects from these medications are:

  • loss of sexual desire
  • impotence
  • fatigue
  • daytime drowsines
  • dry cough
  • constipation
  • weakness
  • abdominal discomfort
  • lightheadedness


Control High Blood Pressure Naturally

Now there are nutritional treatments that combine Coenzyme Q10 (usually up to 180 mg daily) with supplemental calcium, potassium and magnesium to treat high blood pressure. When patients follow this nutritional program with a healthy diet and moderate exercise, many have been able to greatly reduce the blood pressure medications they are on and this leads to fewer side effects. Some have even been able to discontinue drug therapy entirely.


CoQ10 Supplements Provide Hope for Millions!

Coq10 blood pressure treatments are all the rage these days, and with good reason. Much research has been done into the benefits over the last decade or so, generally exploring the benefits for heart disease and in the prevention of congestive heart failure. Many of these studies have shown that this nutrient holds great promise in terms of the treatment of hypertension, reducing the risk of congestive heart failure and reducing the symptoms of heart disease.

It’s not known exactly how it brings down high blood pressure. However, research has demonstrated that there was a decrease in the resistance of blood vessel walls. In other words, the blood vessel walls became smoother, allowing the blood to flow with less friction.


In a study concerning a hundred and nine patients who had hypertension, over half of them were able to go off at least one hypertensive drug and sometimes up to three such drugs after they first began to treat their hypertension with Coq10.


So What Does Coq10 Have That Hypertensive Drugs Don’t?

cell energized with CoQ10Well, Coq10 effectively initiates treatment of hypertension on the level of the cells themselves and indeed may be the beginning of an entirely new era in hypertension treatment. Generally speaking, those who use a supplement could see considerable improvement in their symptoms and lowering systolic blood pressure within a month’s time.

In two months time the benefits should be considerable and pressure should be at a much lower level than before treatment began. Coq10 is considered an important supplement to hypertension drugs because of the long term damage that a patient suffers from the hypertension experience. It’s crucial to lower high blood pressure, because the damage suffered from continuous high blood pressure means that the person’s life span is effectively reduced.


What is the Dosage for Coq10?

Well, most patients today are prescribed between 180 milligrams to 220 milligrams every day. Generally speaking, in most studies, patients using this dosage with proper diet and exercise can reduce their usage of hypertensive drugs. By using supplements, patients who use multiple drugs for their hypertension could reduce their usage down to only one or two drugs.

Ubiquinol can lower high blood pressure. So if you take a significant dose of blood-pressure medication, you may become lightheaded because your pressure drops as a result of it starting to work in your system. Of course you should consult with a doctor before initiating any treatments.


Energize Yourself

girl with lots of energyScientists now know that Coq10 acts upon the mitochondria, the energy producing nodes within each cell, and is indeed indispensable to the production of energy within the body.

Correct amounts inevitably means that there’s that much more energy available to a person. So besides reducing hypertension, patients experience considerably more energy and an improved life style.

As far back as the seventies, researchers noted that it decreases blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Over the years, the evidence has continued to mount and now points to a deficiency as a cause of high blood pressure in some people.


The Natural Way To Control High Blood Pressure

So give your body a chance to control high blood pressure more naturally and with fewer side effects.

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