Blood Clot in Heart – A Dangerous Thing To Have

wound with blood clot

Blood Clotting is an Important Bodily Function

Without it our bodies could not repair from damage. However, there are times when this process can lead to life threatening circumstances, such as a blood clot in heart. Knowing how blood clotting works and how it can go wrong is something you need to be aware of.


Sealing Off Damage

The main purpose of blood is to deliver oxygen to organs and cells, in addition to removing waste. Platelets are released in the blood when there is damage done to vessels, such as getting a cut.

These platelets form a mesh seal to stop damage and to maintain the integrity of the circulatory system. The seal is made out of proteins, and is called fibrin. It works the same way a bandage or gauze pad would. Once the blood clot is made, there are four potential outcomes:

  • Clots may grow
  • Clots may dissolve
  • Clots may cause the vessel to perforate
  • Clots may embolize, which means they obstruct

Most of the time clots are perfectly fine, and are in fact necessary. A growing clot can help prevent infection, and it will dissolve when it is no longer needed. A perforated vessel is a way for the body to reestablish blood flow. However, there are times when clots are inappropriately formed.


A Blood Clot in the Heart

Blood clots most often form in the heart during a condition called Atrial Fibrillation. This is when the upper heart chamber does not beat in a steady and coordinated way. Too many electrical impulses are generated, causing the atrium to wiggle.

blood clot in heart arteryThis in turn causes blood clots to form in the atrium lining. The danger in this is when these clots break away and embolize or block blood flow. The resulting condition could be a stroke or a loss of blood to a vital organ such as the intestines, lungs or brain.

Another dangerous situation in the arteries of your heart is plaque buildup. If this plaque gets inflammed and ruptures, your body will immediately try to plug up the rupture by forming a blood clot. Many times this clot is large enough to completely clogg the artery and cause a heart attack.

If you are lucky enough to get to an emergency room in time, the doctors will administer a clot-busting medication to dissolve the obstruction.


Keeping Healthy

Staying healthy is your best defense against life threatening blood clots. As you have read, doctors have special clot busting medications that they can save your life with but isn’t it better to prevent blood clots in the first place?

There are ways to stay healthy:

  • Exercise
  • Eat right
  • Control Inflammation
  • Take supplements for circulatory health such as Fish Oil with COQ10


 Get Control of Your Health

picture of Chris and JaneI’m about to turn fifty next year and I really need to pay attention to inflammation and the diseases associated with it. My dad died of a major heart attack when he was 55.

His arteries were lined with plaque that ruptured and created a blood clot. His heart couldn’t pump blood and was 70% damaged by the time he got to the hospital. He didn’t stand a chance.

I am doing all I can to prevent that from happening to me. I have been exercising, eating better and taking a Fish Oil supplement with CoQ10.

You can take care of yourself by eating the right foods and taking nutrients that naturally help your heart. Omega 3 fish oil combined with the best form of CoQ10 in the health industry “Ubiquinol”. It can help keep your heart healthy.

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