The Best Quality CoQ10 You Can Find

coq10 illustrationAfter some exhaustive research and the use of many different products, we have learned to recognize the differences in CoQ10 supplements and we have determined the best quality is found in a form that gets delivered to where it’s needed and can actually be used by the body.

In order for a supplement to be absorbed by your body, it needs to be bioavailable. In other words, your body needs to get this nutrient in a useable form.

If your supplement can’t do this, then you’re wasting your money.

Ubiquinol is the Best Way to Go

blood cells in the bodyAs you may have read on this site, Ubiquinol is the best type. It’s not the ordinary kind found in most supplements called Ubiquinone.

Your body needs to convert Ubiquinone into Ubiquinol in order to be used by your cells and this is important to remember when you are looking to for the best supplement.

After age 40 your body has a hard time making this conversion. So if you’re feeding your body with something it has a hard time using, then you’re not getting the full benefits. That’s why Ubiquinol is the preferred form. Go Here to see the Best CoQ10 Choices for 2019.

CoQ10 and Fish Oil is the Magic Combination

fish oil supplements in a spoonCoQ10 is a lipid (fat). It combines well with other fats. So what we have discovered is combining Ubiquinol with a premium Fish Oil makes a perfect match. By combining the two, you also get the extra benefits that fish oil provides.

My doctor told me to take fish oil supplements for lowering my triglycerides. He also told me to take CoQ10, since statin drugs like Lipitor can deplete my natural supply.

So I found a few products that meet the standards set by research on CoQ10. Most products don’t absorb very well into the body. That’s why it’s important to take a supplement which contains Ubiquinol and a pure fish oil.

When I first started looking for the best quality supplement I could find, I was shocked at how expensive it was. I mean… here I am paying for Lipitor, Fish Oil capsules and now I have to add Ubiquinol on top of all that.

Image for Xtend-Life - Omega 3/QH That’s where a good supplement that combines fish oil and Ubiquinol saves the day and my wallet. Everything  is combined in one soft gel capsule at one reasonable price. I researched at a lot of different brands and Omega 3/QH Ultra is the best so far.

My family and I have been taking CoQ10 for years now and it has greatly improved our overall health and peace of mind.

So, if you are looking for the best quality supplement for CoQ10, then go ahead and try this one out. It comes with a 100% money back guarantee!

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