Astaxanthin Arthritis Research An Amazing Treatment For Joint Pain


Astaxanthin Arthritis Researchers are Studying Treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Studies have demonstrated that Astaxanthin can help people with Arthritis live better, happier lives. As it turns out, Rheumatoid arthritis is tougher to treat than Osteo arthritis. It’s an auto immune disorder in which the persons own immune system attacks itself.

Many traditional therapies as well as prescription drugs are not very effective and can sometimes be unsafe, especially with the elderly.

The American Journal of Medicine reported that anti inflammatory non-steroidal drugs (NSAID’s) contribute to roughly 16,500 deaths and more than 100,000 hospitalizations each year.


What Studies Have Been Done on Astaxanthin?

Healthy Woman StretchingOne clinical trial done by Dr. Nir and Dr. Spiller, featured 21 subjects. 14 were given Astaxanthin and 7 got a placebo. The study went for 8 weeks. The ability to perform daily activities and the pain involved were measured before the study began.

The results showed a total decrease in pain by 35% for the group taking Astaxanthin and the pain scores for the placebo group remained constant. These were very promising results and demonstrated that Astaxathin can help people suffering from serious inflammatory conditions.


Which Supplements Work Best?

glucosamine pills in a bottleMany people with arthritis will try glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. But these are proving to help only a small number of people who try them.

A large clinical study where subjects took either 1500 mg of glucosamine alone, 1200 mg of chondroitin alone or a combination of both showed no significant differences compared to the placebo group.

This is in contrast to the over 80% of arthritis suffers who improve with Astaxanthin supplementation.



A Natural Alternative To Prescription Drugs and Side Effects

It must be noted that it takes 2 – 4 weeks to start seeing results with the recommended dose. The Astaxanthin Arthritis dosage is 2-4 mg per day and it won’t work as quickly as Vioxx, but the up side is that it’s a natural and safe alternative to prescription medicines. You can increase your dosage of Astaxanthin if you aren’t getting the desired results. There is’nt a toxicity level, so taking more won’t hurt you.


Are You Feeling The Effects of Getting Older?

Scientists now believe that our internal antioxidant defenses stop working or get weaker as we age. Our bodies can lose the capability to generate the necessary levels of antioxidants we need for self defense.

free radical drawingBecause of this we become exposed to high levels of free radicals and Inflammation caused by external toxins like pollution, processed food and stress produced by our modern lives. This is why the link between Astaxanthin – arthritis is being looked at closely.

By taking a Antioxidant Rich Supplement like Omega 3/QH Ultra, your body will receive a great selection of antioxidants along with a premium fish oil.



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