About Us – A Wake Up Call About My Health

Chris McCormickHello, my name is Chris McCormick

Just turned 50 and I started thinking about my father who died at age 55 of coronary artery disease and his father at 65 of the same thing. They never saw it coming.

Basically their arteries had clogged shut. Their hearts couldn’t pump the life giving blood they needed to live. I was determined not to suffer the same fate. It was time to break the family curse and take the steps necessary to live a long and healthy life.

The Doctor will see you now!

So I made an appointment with my doctor. Once the tests were done he came back into the room and said “It’s time”. One thing you never want to hear your doctor say is “It’s Time!” Thoughts of exploratory surgery were running through my mind.

He said that my cholesterol was very high and I needed to start taking a statin like Lipitor to get it under control. He also suggested that I eat healthier and exercise.

At the next checkup my doctor told me that the statin helped get the cholesterol down but my triglycerides were still high. As it turns out statins don’t help with triglycerides.

I told him I’m exercising and taking the Lipitor just like he prescribed.

He said I also needed to change my diet.

“Hey Doc!  I’m not going to eat like a rabbit for the rest of my life. What else can I do?” He laughed and said “I don’t blame you. Look, you can still eat pizza, ice cream and hamburgers just eat them in moderation.” So I want you to take a fish oil supplement that also has CoQ10 added.

I asked him what that would do for me and he said that the fish oil has Omega 3 fatty acids that will help get your triglycerides down and the Coq10 will help replace what the statins are depleting from my body.

Statin Drugs Also Block CoQ10

As it turns out, statin drugs block the manufacture of cholesterol by the liver but it uses the same pathway that your liver uses to manufacture this important nutrient. So, when you are using a statin drug your body steadily loses CoQ10 levels as well as cholesterol.

The next day I started looking around for a fish oil supplement with Coq10 but it had to be a really good one. My health is too important to use anything but the best supplement I can find. After a week of research, I found Omega 3 / QH Ultra by Xtend Life. It’s not the low quality supplement that you find in your local store.

My next checkup 3 months later was the best one ever. My triglyceride numbers were down where they should be. The best part is, I still get to occasionally eat the foods I love. As a matter of fact, we had pizza for dinner two days before my last appointment and my numbers were great.

My Wife Takes Omega 3/QH Ultra Also

My dad’s early death was devastating. I want to be there for my family, I refuse to let the same thing happen to me, especially since it is something that I can prevent with the right medications and supplements. I only wish that statin drugs, fish oil and coq10 was there for my dad 30 years ago.

Taking steps to prevent disease in the first place is the best health care you will ever find. It’s such a simple thing to do. So why not start now. Take a look at our Best Brands page to make your choice.

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